For the Kids

This is a guest post written by my lovely husband, Reverend Chance Newingham.

I did it for the kids.

I did something I don't normally do tonight. I did something that might get people talking. I did something that could lower my image.

If you would have driven down main street in Athens around 7:25 last night, you would have seen me in a dumpster behind a bar.

Why would I do such a thing?

Plain and simple, I did it for the kids.

Let me explain: As many of you know, Ginger and I went to Sierra Leone, Africa in December of 2011. Since I returned, I cannot stop thinking about the orphans we met.

I think about Mayamu and how her father died in the civil war and her mother passed away from an illness.

I think about Esther and how father died of an illness and her mother abandoned her on the street.

I think about Junior and how his parents were killed by rebels during the civil war.

At this moment, these children, and others, are struggling to survive. They need food, badly, and I want to do everything I can help.

But what can I do?

I can collect cans. From bars. From parks. From ditches. From neighbors. From friends. From anywhere.

The money I get for a single can is enough to purchase an ounce of rice.

One can will put exactly this much rice in the belly of a hungry orphan:


Ten cans will put exactly this much rice in the belly of a hungry orphan:


Make no mistake; it's not my "thing" to rifle through other people's trash. I don't enjoy touching beer bottles, wet cardboard, and wadded up napkins. I don't enjoy having sticky fingers and dirty hands.

I do love these children though.

I picture them asking: Would you go through some trash so I can eat? Would you let others look down on you so I can eat? Would you go out of your way to get filthy so I can eat?

I didn't do it for me last night, I did it for the kids. I won't do it for myself tomorrow, but I will do it for the kids.

Will you help me?

Scratch that.

Will you help the kids? Are you willing to save aluminum cans so they can eat? Email [] or message me to arrange a drop off or pick up.


Will you do it? For the kids?

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