First Day of School

Today was the day that Nasko started PreK! The school staff was telling me that this was the fastest they have ever gotten a child into their Early Childhood program. They worked hard to expedite the process so that Nasko would at least have six weeks in the classroom.

For now, Nasko's only going to school on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, because we didn't want to overwhelm him... Or the school's staff! ;–)

Nasko must have known that something different was happening in his schedule because he hardly ate any lunch today (that's typical of him when he's nervous or overwhelmed.) Chance met us at the school for Nasko's grand entrance. My dad was there to take pictures also!

After dropping Nasko off in his classroom with his one-on-one aide and the classroom aide, we reluctantly left. (Ok, well Chance was ready... I was less-than-ready.)

Typically I will use my few weekly hours of free time to get back to work seeing clients. Today though, I thought it would be best to stay home. I wanted to be available in case the school needed to call me. I wanted to "soak up" some quiet time.

Bah......... Today, I actually shook nervously and waited for the clock to say "2:30" so that I could get back in the van and head to school.

About halfway through the afternoon, Chance got a phone call from a friend/church member who works at the school. She had peeked in on Nasko – he was doing great! She reported that he appeared to be listening to his teachers and playing well. That put me at ease... slightly.

At 2:45, I tackled the stress that is the after-school parking lot and went to find my baby!

When he saw me, he smiled and said, "Mama!" Since he rarely uses my name spontaneously, that brought a smile to my face.

Nasko was happy, healthy, in one piece, and hadn't even attempted to drive away in one of the school buses! What a great first day! ;–)

His teachers said that he was very active and on-the-move, but they had anticipated as much.

Nasko was reluctant to leave the school. He obviously had a great time playing. I was finally able to convince him it was time to go, so we loaded up into my van.

As we were driving home, Nasko kept trying to get my attention. Eventually we were at a place on the road where I could see what he was trying to communicate. He kept pointing at something in his pocket and then signing "phone."

Eventually, I pulled over because his requests were relentless. And that's when I discovered it...

A toy phone from Nasko's classroom!

Nasko had taken a toy home from the school - on his first day!

I'm sure he put it into his pocket while playing, and just assumed it was now his.

I confiscated the phone and turned the car around. (I'm going to be glad that we only live about seven minutes from the school!) The whole way back the school, I kept saying, "No Nasko. Phone stay school. No play phone home."

We went back into the school and found Nasko's teacher. He was, of course, not angry. Taking toys home is not an uncommon occurrence in a PreK classroom!

We told Mr. Thornton that we were "sorry" and that the phone would "stay school."

Despite the little act of thievery, I think the day was great overall. He's been VERY verbal tonight, which is great. Also, when I ask Nasko if he wants to go back to school tomorrow, he always says "Da! [Yes!]" Tomorrow is his first school bus ride. He'll love that experience too!

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