Well, this isn't the exciting we're-in-Chicago-and-so-close-to-seeing-our-baby-boy post that you might have expected to be reading at 3:00 on the day we planned to pick up our boy. Sorry.

This is the our-son-is-still-in-Bulgaria-for-one-more-day post.


At 6:15 a.m. CST (the exact time that Chance was on the local news talking about In His Hands Orphan Outreach and our adoption) Nasko's plane was supposed to be taking off from Sofia, Bulgaria.  An hour and forty-five minutes later, and they still hadn't taken off.

Martin, our representative on the U.S. side, emailed and called us to let us know that Svet made the executive decision to stay in BG one more day.  Even if the first flight finally took off, they would have missed the connecting flight in London.

We just received word that Nasko will be arriving at 1:05 p.m. tomorrow!

We're praying for a safe flight and no delays this time.  Svet told Martin that Nasko was becoming more wound up and anxious.  I'm praying that he handles the plane ride well.  Join us in our prayers!

Check back tomorrow for that we're-in-Chicago-and-so-close-to-seeing-our-baby-boy post!!


[If you haven't entered yesterday's blog giveaway, be sure and do so!  I'm extending the deadline until tomorrow at 1:05 p.m. because of the new flight time.  Also, if you "shared" our blog link on facebook, please leave a comment on yesterday's post that contains that fact.  I'll have the computer choose a random number from the blog comments, and if your comment isn't on that page, it won't be counted!  Thanks.]

He's here... and he's home!

He's here... and he's home!