Three days home...

Tonight, I'm mostly going to post pictures (cuz, let's face it - still not getting any sleep...  and, I know that most of you read my posts just to see Nasko's cute face.  I'm on to you...) We played in the snow at Nana Peg (my grandmother)'s house this morning.


Nasko loved Nana's cows.  He didn't try to kick a single one.  :–)

We did lots of walking and exploring.

We saw Farmer Kyle who let Nasko wear his earmuffs and pet a bull!  Highlight of our day!

While we played tractors in Nana Peg's house, Nasko became inquisitive about her knitting project.  Nana enjoyed her time watching our busy boy.

This afternoon, we had to head to the doctor.  Nasko has been digging at his right ear, so we went for a quick check.  The doctor said it's just wax and maybe some pressure from the airplane ride.  She did prescribe us a steroid for his raw hand.  His more extensive exam will be on Thursday.

Nasko was SO good at the doctor's office.  He was slightly afraid, but he did so well.  He was very inquisitive about the other children in the waiting room.  At one point, I thought an African-American girl was going to lose a braid because of the beads that were tied into her hair!

Watching the fish in Dr. Phillip's waiting room:

After meeting Doctor Phillips and seeing how she wears her stethoscope, Nasko began to wear his too.  He even wore it in Wal-mart as we waited for his prescription cream.

Our exhaustion is beginning to catch up with us (Nasko was awake at 3:30 again, but finally went back to sleep from 5:00-6:30.  I did not fall back asleep, however!)  We were very encouraged at our doctor's appointment though when we recounted all the progress that Nasko is already making.  Our doctor said, "Wait, you've only had him since Friday, right?"

She's right.  He's only been home for about three full days.  He is signing spontaneously (mostly in relation to food and bathtime), he's independently singing parts of "The Clean Up Song" and "Old MacDonald.  He has also started giving Taty spontaneous hugs.  His eye contact has greatly improved.  He is beginning to respond to his name on the first attempt - mostly because he is interested to know if Mama wants to teach him a new sign.

This afternoon, Nasko was eating lunch, and he excitedly got my attention to show me the following cow on his placemat:

This cow looks NOTHING like the live ones we saw today, but he is making great associations and he is learning so much!

Tonight we were able to keep one sleepy little Nasko awake until 8:00 p.m.  Here's hoping he sleeps until 6:00 a.m.!

The good AND the bad.