Things I've Never Said Until Today:

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Things I've never said until today:

"Why is there lemon juice in the laundry room?"

"Nasko, do you want Mama's help getting in the fridge?"

"We'll hang out in the garage while you Nasko-proof the oven."

"We need church EVERY day. Don't Catholics offer daily mass? Can we go?"

"Let's push the cart backwards. Can we do another lap around Walmart?"

"Dang... I just told the dog 'bye (ciao)' in Bulgarian."

Despite some weird new quotes, our day has been great. Unfortunately, it started at 3:30 am though! Last night before bed, we attached bells to Nasko's door so that his movements could be more easily detected over the baby monitor. Because of our lack of sleep recently, even those bells didn't wake me up. Thankfully Chance heard him!

We both went to his room and play for a while until Chance couldn't stand it any longer. He went back to sleep while Nasko and I played for a few hours. Thankfully, my exhaustion hasn't caught up with my brain, so I'm still functioning ok [Or, I thought I was until I published a draft of this post...]!

Nasko was very calm and quiet during those wee hours. We played and explored. It was at this time when Nasko discovered the refrigerator. At first he just wanted to gaze at the food and other contents. After a while, he became interested in the fact that the light turns off as the door is being shut. Nasko began to attempt to fit into the fridge in order to see the light shut off. This (obviously) didn't work as he planned.

Nasko also seemed to retreat to the fridge when he was overwhelmed. I think that the change in temperature and the pressure from the small space was helpful in his sensory regulation. Can't wait to start some occupational therapy with this boy!

We debated because of some of Nasko's less-than-desirable behaviors this morning, but we ended up deciding to go to second service at church. Would you believe that ACC is an angel factory?! Nasko was AWESOME through the entire service! Completely awesome. We were both shocked. We had planned to have one of us take him to the gym when he [Dear email subscribers, this is where I accidentally hit publish earlier. I mentioned what time I got up, right? Sorry.] became restless. But... He never did! He sat between us or had one of us hold him. He played with all the toys I had packed in his bag. He also ate quite a few snacks. While we were holding him, he was very snuggley and affectionate. He loved being held and laid his head on my shoulder. He was even more free about sharing kisses! We LOVED church! Can we go every day?

After the service, a short video of Nasko's airport arrival (made by Amy Denney) was played on the screen. Nasko loved seeing himself on "TV!" The video was beautiful (and made a lot of people cry!) I think that I'll have a copy soon to share here on the blog as well.

Lots of people came to congratulate us and share in our excitement. Nasko did pretty well, but was becoming overwhelmed. We encouraged him to shake hands with people and not to touch babies! :–) We've seen him with Allen; a baby might lose an eye!

We came home for a lunch of leftovers and then decided we had to go to Springfield for a few things. Since Nasko had done so well at church, we decided it was ok to try another outing. Not to mention that we're trying to wear the poor boy out...

We drove to Lowes, but had to pull over once because Nasko asked Mama to come sit by him. At Lowes, we bought hardware to Nasko-proof our appliances and a few closets. (Unfortunately these items were actually only baby-proofed and not NASKO-proofed, and he figured out how to enter the fridge in less than five seconds. He's no match for Taty though, because Taty reinstalled the hardware - backwards. Nasko's fingers aren't able to maneuver the lock now!)

After Lowes, we risked the "trauma that is Wal-mart." Again, Nasko did great! He sits in the cart very nicely, but at one point, he became frustrated that he couldn't see well enough because Taty was blocking his view. So, what do the crazy, sleep-deprived Newinghams do? We turned the cart around so Nasko could "drive!"

Nasko absolutely loved this set-up, so we cruised around Wal-mart more than once. Yes. We are THOSE people now. But, at least we didn't wear our slippers and pajamas. A backwards cart AND pajamas would have definently landed us a spot on

After our outing, Nasko wanted to ride his tricycle and pretend to drive Mama's van. He and I stayed in the garage while the Reverend installed the new hardware. Nasko sure was surprised that none of the "off-limits" doors would open anymore!

When we came inside to play, Nasko asked me to help him remove his button-down shirt. I wasn't sure if he was hot, or what, so I helped him. Then he asked Chance to help him remove the rest of his clothes. He stood in our living room stark naked for a minute, but then grabbed Chance's hand and led him to our bedroom. We weren't sure what was up, but we finally realized that Nasko still doesn't know the layout of our house! He was looking for his bathtub! He wanted to take a bath!

So, of course, we took bath number two of the day. We bought new skin products at Wal-mart, so we are hoping they will help his dry, cracking skin improve (especially since all this bathing is probably slightly counter-productive).

After bath, Nasko picked out different pajamas to wear (we're working on giving him freedom in controlled situations). Then, he began pointing to his bed and trying to get in it. He was exhausted! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED, except it was only 5:30!

We attempted to lure him back out of bed with the promise of food. Today, he has practically eaten everything in sight, so we were surprised that he didn't even want any supper. (He even showed signs of hoarding food during church. We're attempting to make food available 24/7 right now.) Finally, we did get Nasko to come to the table with the promise of chocolate. He ate his piece of chocolate and refused everything else though!

Starting on day one, we've been praying with Nasko. He now knows that "pray" means to fold his hands and close his eyes. He knows that food is given to him after the prayer as well. Tonight, when he wanted more chocolate, he spontaneously said "Pray!" and folded his hands again. I began to pray, but he stopped me and signed "Amen" followed by "more [chocolate]." I quickly informed him that prayer didn't work quite that way.

Since he wasn't getting chocolate, Nasko signed "sleep" and pointed to his bedroom. We gave up on keeping him awake, so our tired little boy was out by 6:45! Here's to hoping he's so tired that he'll sleep a full twelve hours tonight!

It snowed here today, so we plan to go to my grandma's and play in the snow tomorrow. Nasko liked watching the snow out the window, so hopefully he'll love to play in it too!

One last milestone is that Nasko said his first spontaneous sentence today: "Nay Allen!" Allen was coming in Nasko's room, and Nasko told him "no." So exciting to be able to see the wheels turn in our boy's brain. If only he hadn't followed the sentence by kicking the poor dog...


Talking in my Sleep