Talking in my Sleep

If you were to come to my house tonight while I was sleeping, you would most likely hear me saying the following words and phrases: Nay [no] Nasko.

Lecko [easy, gentle].

Pet Allen.  Be nice.

All done?

Taty's shoes?

Easy, easy, easy...


Is that an indicator of the things we've been working on today?  Nasko is a smart little man who can move VERY quickly!  :–)  (Actually, we discovered Nasko's love for his Mama's and Taty's shoes, so we encouraged him to wear Taty's slippers ALL day.  They are much too big and require the kid to sloooooow down!  We'll get this kid figured out - one day at a time!)

Nasko slept from 9:00 last night until 5:30 this morning.  At 5:30, we barely heard some noises on the baby monitor, so we got up to investigate.  Nasko had been to the bathroom, closed all the doors at his end of the house, gotten a light-up ball from his closet, and he was bouncing it in his dark bedroom.  He was having the time of his life!

Chance and I spent the morning playing with Nasko and refereeing his encounters with Allen.  There is so much for Nasko to discover in his new bedroom and all over our house.  By the end of the day, he had finally stopped going into the bathroom when he meant to be heading to his room!

We've been concerned about Nasko's attention span, but once he investigated everything, he settled on a few toys.  He LOVES a musical bus that sings "The Wheels on the Bus."  He also enjoyed the new play kitchen we bought him.  He actually microwaved the bus passengers at one point - in a nonmicrowavable pan... I don't see that microwave ever working again!  ;–)

Nasko also really enjoyed one specific book (which contains moving pictures).  He looked at it in his bed and then again in his child-sized rocking chair.

My parents and grandmother stopped in for a brief time this morning (in the middle of a meltdown, of course).  Nasko began using a pretend, metal cooking utensil to check everyone's throats.  We believe this activity is fresh in his mind because he had a medical exam in Bulgaria just a few days ago.  It seems that the doctor put the tongue depressor too far into Nasko's throat, because when he reenacts this event, he always "fake chokes."  Once we figured out what Nasko was doing, we retrieved his doctor's bag from his bedroom.  He then proceeded to give exams to everyone in the house.

When Nasko asked his Diado Roger to open his mouth and say "Ahhh," Nasko was able to see Diado's silver capped teeth.  He was VERY interested in those, so Diado became one of Dr. Nasko's best patients.  (By the way, Dr. Nasko is currently accepting ALL insurance plans.  Please call for an appointment!)

We decided to attempt Nasko's first bath this morning.  The orphanage always bathed all the children standing up in the bathtub, only using a bucket of soapy water to wipe them down.  We know that Nasko was afraid of swimming too, so we were prepared for the absolute worst.  Thankfully, Nasko LOVES baths.  We ended up taking two long ones today because he loved them so much (and because the tub keeps him contained.  It's the little things!)  In fact, while I was taking my shower and then while Chance was taking his, Nasko attempted to undress and get into the shower with each of us!  I'm hoping that this means he will love to go swimming!


We tried for naps today at a couple different times.  We know that this boy must be tired (jet lag, only sleeping two hours on the flights, so many new things, etc.) but he refused to sleep.  During one attempt, Nasko displayed some orphanage/institutionalization behavior of thrashing/rocking and manipulating his hands in an odd, but apparently soothing way.  At that point, this mama lost it.  Nasko hasn't had anyone to rock him to sleep at night, so he has always rocked himself.  Fortunately, he allowed Taty and I to rock him and sing to him tonight.  He fell asleep before even having time to consider rocking himself.

In order to wear Nasko out even more, we took a field trip to the church late this afternoon.  He loved getting to kick and throw the balls. Nasko is left-handed but seems to kick with his right foot.  He is amazingly talented kicker (Allen should know), so we're going to need to be looking into soccer.

Nasko ran all over the gymnasium, and rode his tricycle there too.  We gave him a tour of Taty's office (which is practically wallpapered with Nasko's pictures, so that was a hit!) and briefly showed him the sanctuary.  We're hoping to attend a morning service tomorrow, so we wanted him to understand where we were going.  We taught Nasko the sign for church and he has picked it up quite well.

Nasko tried many new foods today (most of which he didn't love!)  He did love my best friend Sarah's chicken though.  Thanks to the Millers for dinner!

This last photo is of Nasko, attempting to "drive" my elliptical.  Sadly, my elliptical doesn't go too many miles (even the normal way, since I haven't used it much this winter!)

It's not very visible in these photos, but Nasko's shirt is from the 147 Million Orphans organization.  So thankful that Nasko is no longer one of those 147 million children.  I'm thankful that he had a Mama and Taty to rock him to sleep tonight.

Thanks for all your prayers!  We love you all!  :–)


Things I've Never Said Until Today:

He's here... and he's home!

He's here... and he's home!