He's here... and he's home!

He's here... and he's home!


After all the delays, and issues, and set-backs, our boy is finally home! He is sleeping soundly in his bed at this moment.  Because we are treating this like he's a newborn (sleep while the baby sleeps), I'm going to keep this brief.  I know that there are many people who have been praying for our little man's arrival though, so I wanted to post a quick update.

When we (Chance, my mom, my dad, my brother, my sister-in-law, and our photographer friend) got to O'hare, the arrival screen showed that Nasko's flight would be coming through Door B.  So, as soon as the screen said that they had arrived, we parked ourselves outside Door B.  And waited.  And waited.  And waited.

Finally, I received a phone call from Martin (in Pennsylvania) telling me that Svet, Sabina, and Nasko were at Door A.

So, we quickly gathered ourselves and walked to Door A.  We saw Svet first.  He greeted us with hugs and a slightly exhausted look!  We quickly spied Nasko looking out the window with Sabina.  Not surprisingly, he was looking at all the cars and buses outside!

Svet told Nasko to turn around to see his Mama and Taty.  And this was his reaction:

Svet later informed us that he had told Nasko to be prepared to see his Mama and Taty when they came through Door A.  When they came out, but could not find us, Nasko began to get upset and ask for us.

He was all smiles though, once we were finally united!

Nasko quickly allowed his taty and I to hold him and kiss on him.  What a great feeling!

We gave Philbin to Nasko.  He was excited about him at first, but later when we gave him the FisherPrice airplane my parents bought him, he was much more interested in that!  ;–)

We spent some time with Nasko at the airport because we needed to sign some papers and interact with Svet and Sabina.  They had some stories to tell!  They told of Nasko's behavior on the airplane (removing the glasses of an unsuspecting Jamaican man in the seat in front of him, playing with the music channels and headphones for three hours straight, asking to go pee every 10 minutes in order to walk the aisles and touch EVERY person he walked past, etc.)  After all of that, Svet and Sabina looked a little sleepy to say the least!

We enjoyed interacting with them, but of course, someone always had to keep Nasko entertained.  He attempted to perform a Bulgarian song/dance with me, but was frustrated that I didn't know the words OR the moves.  I then taught him Ring Around the Rosey, so we did that (in the middle of a large crowd of airport passengers) about 13,000 times.  He quickly learned to say "down" at the end, but he stopped dropping to the floor because it was more fun to watch his mama attempt to get up and down repeatedly.

Nasko also showed some interest in a nearby escalator, so Chance and I took him up and down once.  He was even MORE interested then, so he convinced his Lelyah Heidi to take him repeatedly.  Eventually my brother, Chicho B, also joined them on the "ride."  Because of this, Nasko learned what a sucker my sister-in-law is!  He was saying her name on our car ride home later.  He loves her and Uncle B already!

Soon it was time to go pish (potty) and head out.  Nasko did fine with me in the bathroom, but then when I offered him a drink in the water fountain, he attempted to wash his hands in it!

Nasko was eager to get into Taty's big red truck, but he wasn't thrilled about the seatbelt.  He tolerated it though.

Nasko sat between Chance and I in the back seat.  It was way past his bedtime in Bulgaria, and he had only slept for two hours on the airplane, so he eventually fell asleep with his head in my lap.

He woke up 30 or so minutes later and stayed awake until we reached Bloomington.  We stopped to buy some shoes at Payless (he arrived with boots and a pair of girls' sandals) and to eat supper at McDonald's.

At the shoe store (where we met up with Chance's dad - Diado Don) Nasko absolutely fell in love with a pair of shiny pink girls' shoes.  It was a bit of a struggle, but we were able to pick out a pair of tennis shoes and a pair of slightly nicer shoes (for church).  Mostly though, we had to try those on while he was wearing at least one of the pink shoes.  When we had to put the pink shoes back on the shelf, Nasko threw his first fit!  It was honestly minor (in my profession, I've seen the worst of the worst!).  We attempted to console him, but eventually calmed him down with music from Taty's cell phone.

Nasko was excited to go into McDonalds, but he was not interested in eating. He played with his toy cars and watched real cars out the window.  When Chance bought an ice cream cone, THEN Nasko became interested in eating!

Taty took his turn in bringing Nasko to the bathroom.  This proved to be comical because Nasko attempted to wash his hands in the urinal and dry his hair with the hand dryer (I think Chance has video of this).

Nasko fell asleep quickly after we went back into the truck.  He was sleeping heavily until we woke him after arriving in Athens.

We wanted Nasko to spend a little time getting familiar with our home before putting him to bed for the night.  As we predicted, he and our dog's relationship is going to require some work.  We learned though, that Nasko seems to be more afraid of Allen than anything.  Allen is of course afraid of Nasko as well!

Nasko played with some of his new cars, and especially with a bus that sings "The Wheels on the Bus."

I unpacked the bookbag that Nasko brought with him, and took pictures of the contents.  I'll have to share those at a later date.

We rocked Nasko some, turned on some music, and tucked him into bed.  Then, because we are first time parents, we proceeded to untuck him and take him to the bathroom - one last time!  We sat on the floor near his bed, and he was asleep within fifteen minutes.  Right before falling asleep, Nasko looked into my eyes and said, "Nigh-nigh, Mama."

Night-night baby boy.  Sleep tight.

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