First American Haircut

On Friday night, Chance was desperately in need of a haircut, so the three of us went to see our friend Kraig at The Men's Room. Nasko wasn't in as desperate need of a haircut as Taty, but we thought it might not hurt for him to watch Chance in the barber's seat and then take a turn himself.

Side note:

When we were in Bulgaria last August, the orphanage social worker gave us the digital copies of quite a few photos that contained Nasko.  Through these photos, we've been able to know more of Nasko's experiences.  Three of the photos were of Nasko at a salon, so we assumed that the "haircut experience" wouldn't be entirely new.

1. In these photos, Nasko is wearing a neon color.

2. Nasko is and has always been a flight-risk.

These two statements may or may not be related!



Back to Friday night:

Nasko waited rather patiently for his turn in the barber's chair (well, as patiently as Nasko ever waits...)

(Wasn't that a becoming photo of the Reverend?  He's going to love me for this...)

Here's the "before" picture of Nasko's hair:

Kraig, who is an avid reader of this blog and was super excited that I'd be writing a post about this experience, wasted no time and go right to work on our little man's locks.

He even saved some of Nasko's hair in an envelope for me.  He wanted me to have the full "first haircut experience!"

I love Nasko's facial expression in this picture:

Despite that look, Nasko really did seem to enjoy his time at the barber shop.  He kept signing that he wanted Kraig to use the vacuum on his hair though.  When the haircut was all finished, Kraig obliged:


The owner of The Men's Room also got in on the fun in this video:


Nasko loved his haircut, and Mama (who thought this wasn't possible) thinks that he's even more handsome now!

The "after" pictures:

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