Actually, we won't be converting...

Last Sunday, I wrote about how well Nasko behaved through his first church service. I even mentioned that we might have to convert to Catholicism so that we could attend mass daily... After this morning, I can report — that won't be necessary.

I'm trying to nail down my favorite moment of the morning...

Was it when Nasko bolted down the aisle because he wanted to play the piano on stage? (The Reverend went chasing after him. You've probably never seen someone move so fast in a suit...)

Or was it when Nasko was snacking and he spit a mouthful of water onto the lap of my dress?

Or how about when he pulled the hair of the gal sitting in front of us?

Or ripped the glasses off of the very sweet little boy sitting behind us?

Nope. We won't be converting religions anytime soon...


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