One week from today (at around this time - tickets were purchased today!) we'll be leaving the airport as first-time parents. We'll have our little boy by our side and we'll have entered the reality for which we've been preparing for over a year. So why does it feel like I'm trying to cram an entire year's worth of preparations into a week?!

I believe that I've joined the expectant mothers of the world as I have officially started nesting.

Everything in my house must be cleaned. Now. Because obviously Nasko will be most concerned about the dust that has collected on my ceiling fan blades. Oh, and any dirt on my window ledges. Seriously. He'll probably walk right past the 30 Hot Wheels cars straight to my window ledges.

But, since I'm feeling the absolute need to clean, I thought I should harness this super power. Today, all day, I vacuumed and shampooed our carpets. All day.

Another way we're preparing is by putting together a picture-communication system. Nasko has a severe speech delay (not to mention the fact that he doesn't speak a lick of English) and we are using this system to give him another option for communication. I'll post photos at a later date, but printing 300+ cards seemed to take a bit of my time!

This weekend, Chance and I are "preparing" by having a final date night. We're planning to go out to eat tomorrow night to spend some time one-on-one.

On Saturday, we're representing our orphan outreach group (In His Hands Orphan Outreach) and our adoption agency (Madison Adoption Associates) at a semi-local adoption conference. We're really excited about the opportunity and we believe that one final adoption conference should help motivate us!

Finally, our house is beginning to look like a little boy will be coming to live here soon (in spite of a clean appearance! I hear that cleanliness is uncommon among the boys...) We bought a toy kitchen to put into our kitchen. It took me 2.5 hours to assemble it this week. We also bought a few more "older kid sippy cups". One night, we hung things on Nasko's wall. We also put some hooks (for pajamas and his coat) at his height.

It's probably good that we've decided to cram in these final preparations this week. We'd go crazy waiting otherwise!

Right now though, I'm going to prepare for Nasko's arrival by sleeping... as much as I can between all the carpet-shampooing and window-ledge-cleaning. :-)

This is your last night.

"Snuffles, meet Philbin..."