Party Animals!

Today was the day of Nasko's going away party in his orphanage.  Afterwards, Svet sent me a very detailed report of the party; he also sent about 55 pictures!  I won't share all the pictures, but here are the highlights: From Svet:

Hi Ginger and Chance,

Today I woke up early in the morning and together with Tony [Svet's son, our translator from our time in BG] we went to the sweet shop. Last night when I asked Vania [orphanage socialworker/acting director] what kind of cake should I buy, she mentioned about the "White Sunday Cake" - she had seen it only on the TV advertising but never tasted it. So we bought exactly this one! 

At 9:30 we arrived in Dobrich and collected Didi [the retired caregiver from the previous cross-country trip]. After 25 more minutes, we arrived at the Orphanage. Vania met us and gave us these funny plastic slippers because outside is a terrible mud... :–) [This is interesting because it was "a terrible mud" when we were there, but at that time of the year, it was because of rain.  This time, it is because of all the snow that the Eastern European countries have been getting.]

So we went to the room where the kids were playing and Nasko jumped straight away to me and wanted me to hug him and to carry him for a while. I think he wanted the other kids to know that we were coming for him. :–)

We gave the cake to the caregivers, but first of all, I wanted to fixed the paper work [Svet had a few final documents to sign which would allow him to remove Nasko from the orphanage later in the evening]. So we went downstairs to Director's office - together with Vania, Didi and Nasko, too (he was around us all the time) and did all the necessary papers.

Meanwhile I mentioned the shirts - I was caring a flash-memory and I showed them the pictures [I had asked Svet to inquire about the shirts that Nasko wore when we met him.  Last night, I emailed Svet pictures of Nasko in the shirts.  I would love to have at least one of these shirts for a quilt someday]. Didi went for a "research" as these are summer clothes and they were collected in the storage. Finally she came back with the red one - the green was gone - she could't find it, but she found another one - Nasko was "driving" the red car in the yard with it during the contact!? I hope you will remember it.... [I believe he is talking about the shirt that Nasko was wearing in the first of these two referral videos.]

So finally we returned to the playroom and the kids were telling us some poems and were singing some songs.

Nasko said a poem in his own language (half of the words) but everybody understood him and clapped hands! [It sounds like his language is progressing!  YIPPEE!]

 I was making pictures and Tony was staying around. Suddenly Nasko went to Tony, grabbed his hand and asked him to join the circle with children's chairs. He wanted Tony to sit near him. :–)

The kids were so eager to taste the cake that I decided to read your letter a little bit later [I wrote a "thank you" letter for all the caregivers.  More on this later...] 

The caregivers organize a long table, every child collected his chair and moved fast to the table.

Mean while the cups with the juice were served and finally the cake was put in the middle of the table just in front Nasko.

There was a chocolate tablet on the cake - it said: "Nasko, we wish you happiness and good luck!" [Nasko's name looks like "Hacko" in the Cyrillic alphabet.  Can you find it on his cake? :–)]

So, Didi help Nasko to cut the cake.

[Even after seeing this picture, we still plan to put a child-lock on the knife drawer!]

Every kid had a big peace and obviously they like it! :–) 

[That's Svet in the orange pull-over.  You know, the one who doesn't have pig tails.  :–)]

After that we made a "reunion" picture together with the kids and the caregivers.

[Love Nasko's big smile in this one!]

[There appear to only be nine children in the orphanage at this time.  One little girl who we set to be adopted is missing - hurray for her adoption!  I pray that the other children were adopted too, not just moved to the "older children" home.  A few of these children are new since last August as well.  They look rather young, so I'm guessing they were "graduated" from the Baby House in Dobrich.]

So finally I read the letter and I felt that the caregivers were very excited - not so many parents write so nice things for these ladies... 

[Here's the letter I wrote (it's not very profound, because I tried to keep it simple and idiom-free because of translation):

Dear Vanya, (Ivelina), Didi, and all of Nasko's caregivers,

 Thank you.  With all of our hearts, we want to thank you.  We are thankful for all that you have done for our little boy. 

 When we first saw Nasko's picture and file in January of 2011, we decided that he would become our son.  We began to pray for him every day - even before we met him.  We prayed that he would have caregivers who understand that children need to be touched, hugged, and kissed.  We asked God to bring Nasko women who would care for him when he got hurt and when he learned to do something new.  You women, have been that and more!  You have supported him since he was just a little boy!  Thank you!

 We cannot believe all the opportunities that Nasko has been given in your orphanage.  Not many adopted children are given the chance to go swimming, get their hair cut, and go on vacations.  Thank you for taking the children on the bus and going to those places.

 Nasko was truly blessed to have so many people who loved him, taught him, and cared for him.  We have met other people who have adopted from Bulgaria, and other orphanages around the world.  Not every orphanage is filled with such loving staff!  We have been blessed to know that you wonderful ladies were caring for Nasko every day and every night.  

 We promise to remain in touch with you by sending pictures and letters.  If any of you have email, we'd love to send the pictures directly to you:

 Also, if you want, you may go to our website as we will be updating it with pictures of Nasko.  Even if you cannot read the English text, you'll still be able to see his smiling face!

 We'll be sending you a photobook containing lots of pictures of Nasko soon.  We can't wait for you to see him in his new home, with his new friends, with his new toys, and with his mama and tatty.  We know he will be very happy and he is already very loved.  

 We will continue to pray for all of the caregivers.  We will also pray for all of the friends that Nasko is leaving behind.  We will pray that they can soon find mamas and tatys too.  

 We cannot say "Thank you" enough.  We have been blessed by you and so has Nasko.  

 Thank you,

Nasko's new Taty and Mama

Chance and Ginger Newingham

Back to Svet's report -]

They will appreciate if you send some information about Nasko... Vania bought a nice big red car for Nasko, Didi - bought him a car, too.

We have all your photo-albums and a lot of toys for Sofia hotel. I gave Didi the Buss tickets and Vania money for the taxi. By the way she loved the perfume! :–) [Svet bought Vania some perfume and told her it was from us!]

So tonight we are "on the road again" but we are not worry as we have some experience from the last trip. :–) 

[Sidenote:] The caregivers told me that Nasko is a very clean boy - he always says when he wants to pe-pe and po-po and clean himself. He pronounces ("ha-ha") - it means "hartia" in Bulgarian - and it is toilet paper in English. [As most of you know, I'm pretty OCD about things being clean, so I hope that Nasko is as clean as they say!  It'll help me out a lot!  Also, Nasko did request a napkin (or ha-ha) when we fed him some fruit one day while we were in Bulgaria.  Glad to know that he is capable of saying a modified version of this word.]

Ok, we will be preparing us for the trip - tomorrow is our big day and we are focused on it. In the evening BG time I will try to find Internet and to send you a quick report.

Warm regards,


Hopefully Svet's report makes sense to all of you.  I attempted to fix his grammar errors, but I left much of his original language.

Here are a few more pictures of the other children in the orphanage.  These children are waiting for forever families.

The boy standing with the caregiver is new.  Look at him, he's just a baby... :-/

With the Bulgarian adoption process, families are not able to request children whose files are not within their specific agency (like, if C and I wanted another child from this orphanage, it would be next to impossible to locate the file), but I do know that my representative just received 30 new files of other waiting children in Bulgaria.  After being matched with one of these children, it would take a little less than a year to bring the child home.

Will you consider it?

We're so thankful that we were able to bring Nasko home before he was transferred to the "Older Children's Home."  To read more about the home for 7-16 year olds, I'd like to direct you to a fellow adoptive mom's blog, as she details the conditions of her son Logan's home.  Older children's homes.

Today truly was a party for Nasko as he prepares to leave the orphanage tonight.  It remains a sad day though, as many of the children attending his party will never have a similar experience.  Many of these children will never have a forever family.  They will not have someone to call Mama.

Praise Jesus that Nasko will soon be home with his Mama, but please join me in praying for the children who are left behind.


This is your last night.