I don't heart adoption...

This may sound blasphemous as our process is winding down and we are counting the days until Nasko is in our arms again, but... I don't heart adoption.

A year ago at Christmastime, my best friend bought me a shirt that says "I heart adoption."

[The Reverend was thrilled to come home from work a few minutes early to hear me say, "Oh yay!  I need to you to do a photo shoot for my blog!"  Ok, so "thrilled" might not have been the appropriate descriptive word.]

[We never have a shortage of outtakes when I'm involved.]

While I love this shirt and I wear it frequently, I don't actually heart adoption.  I realized this truth as I was putting it on today.

I don't heart that there are birthmothers who are unable to care for the children they conceived.

I don't heart that there are orphanages full of innocent children.

I don't heart that children are abused and neglected daily by caregivers or other adults in their lives.

I don't heart that orphans have no voice in most countries around the world.

I don't heart that Nasko was offered to multiple families in his home country, but because he is of Roma decent, he was not considered.

I don't heart that the process of adoption is laden with paperwork and invasive interviews.

I don't heart that adoption takes so long as waiting children grow older.

I don't heart the expenses related to adoption.

I don't heart adoption.

Adoption is a broken process that stems from a need in a broken world.

Although I don't heart adoption, I do love it.

Let me explain – in our home (and in our religion) love is an action.  There are days when I don't heart the Reverend, but daily, I love him.

I love adoption.

We have loved multiple birthmothers that God has brought to us.  We have counseled them and encouraged them to remove abortion as an option and consider adoption if necessary.

We have sponsored an orphanage full of beautiful African children who need monetary support in order to eat and receive a basic education.

We have educated others about God's heart for adoption and encouraged them to get involved in orphan ministry.  [One such event is coming up in April.  Please prayerfully consider attending: Orphan & Adoption Conference.]

The wait is painful, but we have prayed for God's perfect timing in our story.

We have supported organizations that alleviate some adoption expenses for families desiring to expand.

We have prayed fervently (to the point of tears) for little Nasko's mind, body, and soul.  We have thanked God for choosing us to be his forever family.


Please be encouraged to join me, dear friend.  Stand up and say that you don't heart adoption.  Join me in LOVING adoption.

Love it with your actions.

Isaiah 1:17 - Learn to do good.  Seek justice.  Help the oppressed.  Defend the cause of orphans.  Fight for the rights of widows.

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