His name shall be called...

Just received permission to share Nasko's name and pictures on our blog!  Our agency said, "You're his legal parents, do what you want!"  Loved to hear these words! Here's a post about Nasko's name:

Ok, there are many days when I don't envy Mary, Jesus' mother.


I mean, she became pregnant despite the fact that she was a virgin. (Luke 1:30-35)

She had to explain said pregnancy to the world - without seeming crazy. (Luke 2:5)

Her fiancé tried to dump her right before the wedding. (Matthew 1:19)

She had to give birth in a barn, with her donkey as the birthing coach. (Luke 2:6-7)

(Don't look for the donkey part to be in that passage... it ain't really there. But who else would have helped her do the lamaze breathing? Joseph was probably busy playing doctor. Or maybe he was fetching ice chips from the motel vending machine...)

And I don't think the task of raising the Savior of the world would be an easy one. (Luke 2:48-51)

But there is one thing I envy about Mary's role as mother of the King of the World. It happens in Isaiah 9:6b:

"And his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace."

Did you catch that?

Name choices.

Mary didn't have to spend her nine-month-long pregnancy fretting about what to call the baby. It had been decided hundreds of years earlier!

That would have been nice...

All we got was a lousy book with over 100,000 name choices.

(Thanks for the book though Sarah! We, um, loved it! :-/)

So, come on God. Where's our list of name choices?

Nothing. We got nothing. Well, except for a list of 100,000. And that included stuff like Espn (you know, for the ESPN-lovers), Apple Blythe (inspired by Gwyneth Paltrow's daughter) or Ngozi (which means blessing, but cannot be pronounced.)

So thus began deliberation... We discussed, suggested and re-discussed. We had a short list. We had a long list. For a while we had no list.

But, after much deliberation, we determined that God had already named our little blessing.  His name played a vital role in our decision to adopt him.  We could not take that away from his story.

His name shall be called: Nasko Malcolm Newingham

Nasko (rhymes with "Osco"): Nasko was the name that was given to our son at birth.  From what we understand, his biological mother chose it.  It's a shortened version of a very common name in Bulgaria.  In our story though, it reminded Chance of the Greek word "ginosko," meaning "to know."  The name "Nasko" was the clear way in which God spoke this child into our family.

Now, I know that Nasko isn't common here in the U.S. (honestly, Chance and Ginger aren't either), and that many people will probably pronounce it incorrectly (think a sweet, older woman at church calling him "Nacho" every week), but we're ok with that!

Malcolm:  Nasko's mama's maiden name is Malcolm!  Since I gave up this name at marriage, I desired to use it as a middle name for a son someday.  Well, that someday is today!

We felt the need to choose a middle name that we would also allow Nasko to use as a first name, if he ever wanted to shed some of his Bulgarian roots.  We love the name Nasko, and we love the name Malcolm.  We love that he's Bulgarian and we love that he'll soon be an American citizen.  We're open to whatever he desires in this area of his life.

So, Nasko Malcolm Newingham. God may not have directly revealed that name to us, but I think He'll be ok with it! ;)

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