It's the day before my son comes home. It was sunny and in the 50s today.

I'm done with work for six weeks (yahhhoooooo!)

My parents are in town.

I get to see my brother and sister-in-law tomorrow.

Oh, and did I mention that my BOY IS COMING HOME TOMORROW?!

All these happy feelings make me want to share the wealth.  So, that's what I'm gonna do!

Starting this minute (8:20 p.m. on Wednesday) there is a giveaway going on up-in-here!

I'm giving away one of these:

A brand new copy of Russell Moore's book, "Adopted For Life!"

[Don't lie, you were all hoping it was going to be a brand new car.  Who do you think I am?  Oprah?!]

I love Dr. Moore's book, and I want you to love it too!  I've read it in the print version.  I've listened to the audio book.  I've attended one of Russell Moore's adoption conferences.  [You can say it, "Obsessive much?"]

BUT, that should prove to you that this book is worth it and it's life-changing.

So, you wanna win one?

Here's the dealio:

There are two different ways for you to enter this book giveaway:

1.  Leave a comment here on this blog post.  (Comments on facebook will not be counted.)  You can write whatever you want in the comment, but a suggestion might be a welcome-home note for Nasko.  Someday when he's 65, he might sit down and read all the crazy things I wrote, so then he'd stumble upon your note!  How fun is that?

2.  "Share" this blog post on facebook.  We'd love to spread the word about adoption, and one of the best ways to do that, is to share our blog with friends and with their friends, and with their friends.  We constantly pray that more orphans would be untied with forever families.  We're trying to do our part to make that happen.

Coolest part about this?  You can enter BOTH ways.  You can leave Nasko a quick note, AND you can share the link on facebook.  If you share the link on facebook, leave a second comment so I'll know that you deserve two entries.

Clear as mud?  Yes?

Oh, and this contest runs EXACTLY 24 hours.  It will close at 8:20 P.M. tomorrow night – the time when Nasko's plane should be landing in the U.S.

So, what are you waiting for?!  Get entering!  This book is too good to pass up.  Even if you already own it, enter so you'll have a copy to share!

Ready, set, go.  You have 24 hours.


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