Calling Mom... (New pictures of Nasko)

On Sunday I called my mother.  She is currently in Florida with my dad and grandma.  They will all be flying home soon, in order to be home when their first grandchild (great-grandchild) steps off the airplane in Chicago. This is how our conversation went on Sunday:

G:  Mom, I am having a hard time with our decision to have Nasko brought to us.  Right now is when we would have been buying our plane tickets and flying over to be with him until his passport is ready.  I'd really like to be hopping on the next flight to Sofia so we could start the bonding process for our family.

Mom:  [who I believe took a secret oath that does not allow her to tell her adult-children what to do]  Well, honey, if you think that is best...

G:  I could be playing with Nasko in the hotel room right now if we hadn't decided to have Svet bring Nasko to Chicago.

Mom:  Whatever you think is best for your family.  Would Chance have to take time off of work though?

G:  Oh, I wasn't going to bring Chance.  [Sorry, honey.]  I'd rather save his vacation time for when Nasko is at home.

Mom:  Whatever you think is best, sweetie.

G:  Would Dad go with me?

Mom:  Well, I'm not sure he planned on doing that, no.  But you do what is best for you.

G:  MOM!  YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE TALKING ME OUT OF THIS!!  I just told you that I wanted to fly half-way around the world by myself!  Come on!

Mom:  Oh!  Ok!  I didn't know!  I just didn't want to tell you what to do.  Um...  Well, you made a plan with reasons behind it.  You should stick to it.  You'd have to pay for a hotel room if you went to Bulgaria now.  You'd have Nasko in it with you, but there might be breakable stuff in that hotel room.  You've Nasko-proofed your home here, so that's the best place to try and bond with him.  You've waited this long and now there's an end in sight.  You only have to wait a few more weeks...  Am I doing better?

G:  Yes!  Finally.  I still wanna go though...



Last night, we received an email from Martin (our adoption agency worker) and it contained new pictures of Nasko.  The orphanage's social worker was given the task of buying "homecoming clothes" for Nasko.  She forwarded the pictures of him in his new digs.

I sent these pictures to Nasko's grandparents and other friends and family.

After seeing them, here was my mother's response:

"He looks SOOOOOO cute!  Good thing you didn't call me after this to convince you NOT to go.  Instead, I'd be going with you!"



I'm quickly realizing that Nasko's baba (grandma) is no longer going to be the rational one...


Here are the pictures that were sent to us.  His baba's right though, he is SOOOO cute in them!  ;-)


His new shoes:

Not sure why he's standing on a chair, but here he's modeling his new winter coat:

The sleeves look good!  (In case you were wondering, Nasko does this with his fingers typically when he is thinking or when he is nervous.  His fine motor muscles are underdeveloped as well.):

I LOVE his sweater vest:

Got his sweater on too.  The layers will be great for the airplane ride:

Not the best picture, but seriously... the orphanage workers must have been loving this model shoot.  Check out his sweater draped over his shoulders:

Nasko is thinking, "Ok, are we done yet?":


This is my absolute favorite picture of the group.  It's adorable.  I pray this smile is because Nasko realizes that he has a mommy, a daddy and a Heavenly Father who love him:


I don't heart adoption...

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