An Unlikely Registry

N.'s Taty and I went and registered for gifts today.  We've done this twice before in our lives - for our wedding, and for the potential adoption last April. And we're still married.

Actually, the only thing we disagreed on when we registered for our wedding were the salt and pepper shakers.

Chance wanted these...

...and then I informed him that our home was not actually going to be a diner and a short-order cook was not going to be available.  I think I crushed his hopes for marriage...

He's ok.  He's gotten over it.

I wanted this set of shakers...

...ok, not really.  But I did want something awesome.  And not something that looked like we stole it from the local restaurant.

Three years into our marriage, we finally bought these:

Needless to say, we never registered for salt and pepper shakers.


Today's registry experience was similar.  There's only one item on the registry that we disagree upon.

A Vizio 65-inch TV.

We registered at Walmart (click here for that list) and Target (click here for that list.)

And please friends, do not buy us a TV...

We really honestly don't care if we receive any of these presents.  Some of them would make life a little easier, but we know that if N. came home tomorrow, we're ready-enough.  We've had quite a few family members and friends who requested lists though, so we thought this would be the best way to inform the masses.

But, I'll admit, it was a little odd to register for a five-year-old.

We're technically listed as a "Baby Registry", but you won't find blankets or diapers or bottles on our list.

You will, however, find straw sippy-cups,

a Fisher-Price train,

canvas totes (for his toys),

an iPod dock (to play worship music at bedtime),

gummy vitamins,

and a vacuum for crumbs. (Ok, this was really for Mama... but who do you suppose will be making the crumbs?!)


Most of these items probably wouldn't show up on your typical baby registry.  Heck, I was standing in line to get the registry "gun" and a man in front of me also had one.  I asked him, "Getting married?  Or having a baby?"  He responded with, "Having a baby.  That [very] expectant woman over there is my wife.  We're due in three weeks.  How about you?"

I swear his eyes bugged out a bit when I (a non-pregant woman) told him we were registering for a baby.

I mean, since eating gluten free, I can't even pretend to have a baby bump.  My bump would be more of a valley.

I quickly explained that we were actually adopting a five-year-old (and then I proceeded to show the poor man pictures.)

And you know something?  We didn't run into that couple at ALL as we were registering.

I did see them looking at pink onesies though.  Those didn't make it onto our list...

But somehow a Vizio TV did...


Despite the fact that our registry list is... uh... rather unique, we had a great time today!

Except for the fact that I had to keep pulling Chance away from the electronics...


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