Top Ten

Since it has been a whole year that I have been doing this bloggity-blog thing, I thought I'd re-share some of the top-viewed posts from the entire year. (We're going to do this David Letterman-style, starting with ten and working down to one!)

Number 10

We've got to fast - fast!

During our adoption in April, we asked friends and family to join with us in fasting for God's will.  A few months later, we studied fasting in the Reverend's Sunday School class, and Chance asked those in attendance if they had ever fasted before.  I was moved to tears to know that a majority of those who had fasted, had fasted on this day in April for the very first time.  We have the best of friends.  We're so grateful for them all!

Number 9


This post was written to answer all the questions that people had about our pending adoption of baby Israel.  This post was popular enough to spur a version 2.0 before we left for Bulgaria.

Number 8

Update on adventure number one...

This post was written after Chance and I went to St. Louis to complete the fingerprinting for our I-800A... and Chance tried to get in a federal building with his pocket knife... ahem...

Number 7

To Know?

And this is where N.'s story began.  It's still mind-boggling and overwhelming, but it's interesting to see how I've changed the words I use to describe him; in this post (almost one year ago) I refer to N. as "the kid."  Now, he is definitely "our kid."  Can't wait for the right paperwork to be signed to make that official.

Number 6

Infant Loss

This post generated some readers from google-land.  It just proved to me the large number of families who suffer with the loss of infants through miscarriage, stillbirth, infant death, or adoption.  This post was very healing for me to write.  Every comment moved me to tears.  These children were/are so loved - no matter that they are all in heaven.

Number 5

First Ever Blog GIVEAWAY

This is where I gave away a knit doll on my blog.  This post also showed pictures of the one hundred and fifty-one dolls that were knit and donated to two different orphanages in Bulgaria.

Number 4

Oh my goodness...

This is a detailed account of our first time ever meeting our son in Bulgaria.  Love this precoius memory of the first time he touched us:

"When N. walked in, the director asked him to shake our hands. Without prompting (and we later learned that he has never done this before) he grabbed our hands and kissed the backs of them. So sweet! He’s a little charmer… Friends, lock up your daughters, N. is coming to America soon!"

Chance and I recall this moment often.

Number 3

The Whole Story

This entry has become famous!  Chance was part of an elaborate surprise and we used my blog to document the whole story (and my awesome video recording skills).

This video has also become one of the most popular on  It has more than 600,000 views to date.  Here's the link.

Number 2

Wrinkle Cream

This was an update on a stressful time during our attempted adoption last April.  I still use that wrinkle cream, but I am so thankful that God's peace helps me even more than anything I could apply topically.


...And now, the moment you've all been waiting for - the most-read blog post of 2011:


Number 1

He called me Mama...

This happens to be one of my favorite posts as well.  It comes from our second day at N.'s Bulgarian orphanage.  This particular paragraph is my favorite, and the reason for much of our headaches, heartaches, paperwork and stress...

"Here’s my favorite part of the day though;  during lunch, this sweet Bulgarian baby who was abandoned shortly after birth, looked up at my face and said, “Mama.” Let me write that again, HE CALLED ME MAMA!  My baby boy called me mama. The socialworker and Svet exchanged a smile at the sound, and I asked Svet later if that was actually what N. had said. He said that it was and that N. had said it in a kind tone.

Put a fork in me, I’m done…

Our son has found his mama."


Thanks so much to all of my readers of 2011 (there were, in fact, 19,000+ of you).  Here's to another year of random, tear-jerking, crazy, and OCD blog posts.

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