Things I've learned...

I know that there is an opportunity to learn something in every life situation - big or small. For that reason, I intend to make a list of all the things I have learned the past three days that I have stayed home sick with a nasty (4-week-long) sinus infection... 1. Antibiotics make me nauseous - no matter if I take them with or without food.

2. The AppleTV I bought for my husband's Christmas present was the best present ever. It is hooked up to our bedroom tv and it makes me happy.

3. Watching 3 hours of Jon and Kate Plus 8 makes me want to adopt eight children.

4. Watching 4 hours of Jon and Kate Plus 8 makes me want to never adopt any children.

5. Telemarketers call our house ALL day long.

6. Telemarketers calling to offer you lower interest rates on the credit cards you don't have, don't like it when you start requiring they tell you more info about this said $3,000 balance which is lowering your credit score.

7. Telemarketers will, in fact, hang up on you.

8. Two different episodes of The Maury Show are on two different channels simultaneously. Remarkably, the men assumed to be the women's baby daddies are in fact NOT the baby daddies on either episode on either channel.

9. The book "Kisses from Katie" is TOTALLY worth the read - even if antibiotics make reading take twice as long. (Read her blog. Buy her book. Amen.)

10. My suspicions have been confirmed – my dog does absolutely nothing all the live long day. All he does is sleep. Oh wait, he just rolled over. Annnnnd now he's sleeping again.

11. When your husband comes home from work, he will express confusion over an oven mitt being in bed with you. You will brush it off, since you have eaten soup in bed for three days straight.

12. Realizing that Tuesday is "trash day" right before the garbage truck drives down our street caused me to run outside in my hot pink yoga pants. I learned that the construction workers building a house caddy-corner from ours are very kind to look away and not stare directly at the hot pinkness of my pants.

13. Apparently (according to my husband) dipping your hair in the hot water of the hot tub is not the same as taking an actual shower.

14. I miss my job and my clients, despite their craziness. I'm grateful to have such a fun and rewarding profession! I hope to be back in action tomorrow!

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