Dear N.,

(Posted at 3 am, because N.'s court date begins at 11:00 Bulgarian time - 3:00 CST) Dear N.,

Today is one of the absolute most important days of your life, and I am praying that you don't even know. I'm asking God to give you a great day with plenty of food, love, and playtime.

Today is your court date. On this day, in the country where you were born, our lawyers are standing before a judge and asking him to sign his name to our paperwork. This man is strict, but don't worry - your Mama and Taty have covered him in prayer. We hope that he will sign the paperwork immediately, but if he doesn't, we're trying to believe it is because he has your interests at heart.

Oh N., I pray that you are driving your toy truck or singing with your caregivers as a judge on the other side of the country decides to make you ours. All ours.

Your life will be changing drastically in the next few weeks. We're covering you in prayer too - don't worry. Today though, we are focusing on the present moment. We will be anxiously awaiting news from our lawyers about the judge's decision.

Have a blessed day, baby boy. We love you and can't wait to see you again soon.

Love, Mama

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