It's Christmastime in the City...

...well, town. It's not really a city when there are only 2,500 people, right? I wanted to share a sneak peek of the decorations in our house this year.  I didn't decorate as much as I have in years past, but I did make all new decorations for our tree!

Decorating the tree with Chance-o!

I use burlap, felt, salt-dough, scrapbooking paper, and red glass bulbs to put the tree together this year.

Disclaimer:  I am not a photographer.  If you want to see beautiful pictures on someone's blog, visit my friend Amy's site (you might recognize one dog and his owner on this page)...  If you don't mind that photos are a wittle fuzzy-wuzzy, you may proceed.

The mantel.

The jars contain antique Christmas bulbs that my grandfather used to decorate his house.  The sleigh bells are also from that side of my family.

Thanks to Ron C. from church, we now have an antique Golden Book copy of The Night Before Christmas.

Lights and garland above my kitchen cabinets.

In the center of our dining table are red glass bulbs in a clear glass bowl that was a wedding gift from our Malagasy (from Madagascar) friends. Hi Bodo and Voara!

These may not make it out next year as we will have one certain squirrelly six-year-old living under our roof.  Ahem.

For now though, pretty eh?!

Our nativity set.

This is the antique window hanging above our dining table.  The window contains all of the Luke 2 account (with a little Matthew 1 as well.)  Writing this passage reminded me to have joy, despite heartache.

This is written from the NLT version of the Bible...  Kinda my favorite...  :)

Here's the growing pile of wrapped presents.  We cannot keep them under the tree because our dog actually uses the tree as a back scratcher during the holiday season.  He runs around the base of the tree and bucks against the bottom branches.  Apparently it works for scratching those hard-to-reach places...

Have I mentioned that we have a crazy dog?  Yes?  Ok...  Just making sure.

Now, no home would be complete without the essential Halloween decoration outside their front door.

No?  Do you not have one of those?

Well, evidently I had one outside our front door during the minister open house last weekend.  Right underneath our door's Christmas wreath...

God bless the members of our church, as not a single one of them pointed it out...  they truly are the best...

A Christmas Letter