A post of photos (Africa, Part 5)

I can use 10,000 words to describe our trip to Africa, but the following pictures will tell stories that I could never express. Before leaving - Tyler, Chance and me.  

Um, yes.  The boys are sitting in the airport's "child area."  Telling.

Praying on the plane.

This was the scene in the Freetown airport as we were attempting to claim our luggage.  Welcome to Africa!

Can you spot Chance in there?

Rick and Paula Miller - our missionary friends and gracious hosts.

These beauties are Rick and Paula's girls.  On the left is Faith and on the right is Grace.

The traffic in Freetown.  Fortunately, we spent most of our time in nearby villages.  God did not design this girl for the city.

Walking from the guest house in one village to neighboring Brigitte Village.

Brigitte is named after a woman who donated the money for a medical clinic.  

Some of the faces of Brigitte:

(She's eating cassava - a potato-like plant that grows locally)

Everywhere we went, there were children attached to our sides.  They all wanted to hold our hands.  They practically fought over us!

At least we don't take ourselves seriously!

Brigitte (and neighboring villages) are fishing communities.  Most of the day is spent on the beach as the men bring fish to the shore.

This pretty lady is drying out fish in the hot, hot sun.

Bringing in bowls full of fish.

No need for daycare - just strap that baby on and carry your goods on your head. I'm bringing this to the U.S.  Just think how much more productive we could all be!

Mostly small fish are caught, but this stingray was an exciting catch of the day.

This boat has a cool story.  Let me repost it from The Bible Telling School's facebook page:

One man was cursed by a woman who was trying to buy fish from him. They could not agree on the price of the fish ($.50 was the difference). She told him, "Just you wait and see what happens to you!"

The next day he went out to fish and a storm came up. The nets got caught in the motor and while they were trying to get them untangled, the waves got so bad, the boat filled up and sank.

Well, no life was lost, but the people of the community were surprised. The man kept telling them he was praying.

The witch doctor came and said he could help the man get his boat back. He said, “No, I am praying to the Lord."

The nets washed up a few days later and they called him to get the nets. He went out on another person's boat seven days after the accident, and found his boat at the bottom of the ocean. They worked and worked and raised the boat.

The inside of the engine was dry.

He tried to start it and it ran. A testimony that the Lord has all power.

While we were in the village, the owner of the boat in this story asked our group to go and pray over his boat.  We laid hands on it and asked for the Lord's blessing.  

While we were praying, a sweet little boy came up and joined our prayer by laying his hands on the boat as well.  

More photos to come later!


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