Why am I surprised?

He's the creator of the universe. He knows every hair on my head. He cares for even the smallest created beings. So, why am I surprised when He shows up?

He watches over all of His children. He has the power to forgive all my wrongs. He knows and understands my every thought.

So, why am I surprised when He shows up?

Chance and I have prayed throughout our entire adoption experience - from when we first felt called to care for God's orphans to our most recent prayer for little N.'s vision and speech delays.  We've prayed for health, safety and strength for N.  We've asked God to heal any parts of his body or his brain that might be damaged. We've pleaded for God's will to be done.

So, why am I surprised when He shows up?

In my blog post Monday, I mentioned that we were waiting for email confirmation from the Visa Center before we could move on with the process. I said that we were praying for the approval to come by the end of this week, but it would probably be in the next few weeks.

Tuesday morning at 5:00 AM (we Newinghams are the early-to-bed, early-to-rise types), I checked my email. I was sitting on our bed while Chance was in the next room getting ready for work. All of a sudden, I began to scream! The U.S. Consulate office in Bulgaria had received our paperwork!  Not only had we been notified, but the Consulate office had gone one step further - they had already scheduled a meeting with Svet for next Monday (the 7th). Something that we thought might take a month, actually was accomplished in seven days!

We've been praying and asking God to speed up the process so that we might have our son home for Christmas.

So, why am I surprised when He shows up?

This isn't the first time that God has answered our prayers concerning N.; many of you may recall the story of his name.

Also, shortly after we learned of N.'s delays in speech and socialization, we began to pray that God would bring N. someone to help him one-on-one. We also asked that God would bring a person to specifically show him affection and love. Bulgarians are typically not ones to show physical affection towards their children, but we knew it was something N. needed.

Shortly before we travelled to Bulgaria, we began to learn of a woman who had recently taken over N.'s orphanage as the director.  She restructured the institution - firing the caregivers who were unkind and not working with the children's interests at heart.

Until we arrived in Bulgaria, we didn't fully understand how God had answered our prayers in a very specific way.

Ivelina has not only helped to make improvements to the orphanage, but she has also taken special interest in N.  She regularly works with him one-on-one to help him develop socially.  Also, there is no shortage of kisses between the two of them.  Ivelina loves N. as if he were her own son.  She prays for him daily, and has recently added Chance and I to her prayer list.

We specifically prayed for someone EXACTLY like Ivelina.

So, why am I surprised when He shows up?

We are so thankful to have a relationship with a God who grants life and orchestrates the universe.  Also, despite His power and majesty, He still cares for a family in central Illinois and an orphaned boy in Bulgaria.

God has promised to hear our prayers and care for His followers.

So, why am I surprised when He shows up?

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