Thankfulness - Day Three

Today, I am most grateful for our hot tub. Hot tub? I'm sure that many of you are saying, "I didn't know the Newinghams had a hot tub!"

Or, maybe more of you are saying, "I thought Chance was a minister. I've heard that doesn't pay well. Why do they have a hot tub?"

Well, let me tell you... We do have a hot tub. It is actually in the third stall of our garage (Only in the winter. The lawn mower is there in the summer.)

That's right. In our garage.

Annnnd, it's a "soft tub". It's one of the first generations, so the lid is a bad design. Recently, my handy-dandy husband has decided that he should try and make a new lid out of foam and plywood.

You can't make this stuff up.

This leads me to the second question: Why do the Newinghams have a hot tub?

Two years ago, the Reverend decided that we needed a hot tub. He wanted to do this cheaply (I mean, it is the same kid who filled the soles of his shoes with window caulk last week), so he drew up various designs. One even included a cattle trough. Can you see me sitting in a heated cattle trough?!

No. I couldn't either.

So I gave the Reverend a hot tub budget. Using this money, Chance bought a soft tub off of Craigslist.

I still wasn't sold on the idea (especially when I learned that it would reside in our garage!) but I'm here to inform you, I honestly love that hot tub.

Every night, I ask Chance if we're going to get into our hot tub. I look forward to spending ten minutes in a pool of warmth.

As someone who NEVER complains about central Illinois hot weather so that I can justifiably complain all winter about the cold weather, the hot tub gives me a reason to be grateful.

So today, I am thankful for the hot tub budget and our hot tub! :)

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