Thankfulness - Day Four

Today (it is still today, right? Just barely?) I am super thankful for hot tea. Tea and its warmth rank right up there with the hot tub. Again, I hate being cold.

But in all actuality, I am mostly thankful for my determination to like tea. You see, a few years ago, I started picking foods that I didn't like, and repeatedly exposing myself to them in order to possibly take a liking to them.

And it has worked!

Here are some of the previously undesirable foods:

2008 carrots (I like raw for sure now. Cooked is still questionable.) 2009 oranges 2010 yogurt (this is also the year I developed my dairy allergy. Not until I had grown to love yogurt, of course. Ugh.) 2011 hot tea 2012 (I'm taking suggestions!)

Again, I'm thankful for an adventurous spirit and the willingness to see things through.

And man, am I enjoying the fruit (-flavored teas) of my labor!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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