Whatever will I do?

Many people have asked me, "Whatever will you do while Chance is in Africa for the next couple weeks?" Well, let me tell ya:

1.  Snuggle with the dog.

Allen is most definitely the Reverend's dog, so with Chance gone, maybe (just maybe) Allen will want to snuggle with me.

2.  Sleep on both side of the bed...

with no remorse.  If I'm being honest, I'd have to admit that I sleep on both sides of the bed most nights, it's just that Chance is usually here to complain about it.

3.  Do as little dishes and laundry as possible.

None is ideal... but probably not realistic.

4.  Park on the bigger side of the garage.

I don't plan to buy groceries this week, but man, it would sure make unloading them easier!

5.  Go to bed early.

Chance will laugh at this one, because I am usually the one who keeps him up later.  Less dishes and laundry though, can allow for more sleep!  YIPEE!

6.  Go to Kewanee for four days.

The "Hog Capital of the World" might not be the desired vacation location for many, but it's my hometown, and I rarely get to go back, so this location excites me!  Also, I'm going to be able to go to church at my home church.  Sundays off are rare for the Reverend, so I'm excited to worship somewhere new, but familiar.

7.  Try to remember to put out the garbage cans.

I ALWAYS remind Chance to put them out on Tuesday mornings, but I just know that I will forget next Tuesday - when it's actually my responsibility.

8.  Clean out the closets.

Party animal, aren't I?!  We're planning to work on decorating N.'s room after Chance is done traveling the world.  In order to clean out N.'s room/closet, I must make room in other closets.  It's like the world's least fun game of dominos...

9.  Work.

Tonight, I read a report that another therapist wrote for work and it contained the following sentence:

"[Caregiver] reports that [two-year-old child] will unexpectedly slap people in the face on occasion.  This behavior was not observed during the evaluation."


I have the best (and sometimes riskiest) job EVER.

10.  Pray for, and miss my husband.

I truly love the Reverend, and my life is going to be rather dull without him.  Please join me in praying for his missions team.  Pray that they would bring the gospel to the children and families within the African tribes in the most relevant way possible.


Considering the dog is snuggled up on my lap as I finish typing this, I expect this to be a very productive week!

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