Photos of N.'s Room

Our US contact for our Bulgarian adoption agency [confused yet?] is headed to Bulgaria this Friday.  While Martin is in Bulgaria, he will be meeting with the Minister of Justice [hopefully to say, "Let's get a move on it."] and he'll be seeing our little dude! Because he's going to spend some time with N., we decided it would be a good idea to send updated photos of his bedroom.  I worked on N.'s room quite a bit while the Reverend was frolicking around with some cute little African kids last week, so we're excited about the opportunity to show the room to N.!

Here are the photos we are sending:

We still have some things to finish in N.'s room.  Like I mentioned, we are making an art area complete with an easel and magnetic boards (for all his artwork!).  Also, we have primary colored car vinyl decals ordered through  They should arrive next week.  We plan to put these decals along the floorboard trim of the bedroom.  Finally, we are planning to build N. a nook in his closet.  It will allow him to have a space that is small, quiet, calming, and safe.  His sensory issues cause him to strike out with less than desirable behavior, so we are hoping to give him a safe place to get regulated.

After taking pictures of N.'s room, we went outside in order to take some of our newly finished playground.  We anticipate spending LOTS of time on it with N.

Can't wait to hear what N.'s does when he sees these pictures.

Also, we're sending a toy car (duh) and a pair of sunglasses.  We hope N. will like wearing the sunglasses (and not break them) since he will need prescription glasses when he gets home.

The most recent information we've been given seems to show that N. will be home around Christmas or shortly after.  We're (of course) hoping for sooner, but we're praying and trusting God with the timing.





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