New Photos of N.

Svet and Tony Svet will be the lucky one to spend nine hours on a flight with our crazy, active son soon!

Nasko (just as a reminder - pronounced N-Osco) wanted Tony to hold him.  Martin said that he wanted Tony to get the bottle of bubbles that's on top of the shelf.

Ivalina had Nasko sing a song for the men who came to visit.  It's funny to see Ivalina in nice clothes.  She was painting and wearing her junky clothes the whole week that we were there in August.  She looks gorgeous!

Singing, singing!

These pictures are blurry, but that makes sense since the child moves one-hundred miles an hour!

Aww!  Nasko loves his Ivalina!

Playing with his new CAT truck from Mama and Taty!

Nasko!  (Isn't his hair adorable?!)

I might just be a little biased too...


Why am I surprised?

Update On Our Little Man!