A Phone Call

I wrote this last night after talking with Chance: Received a phone call from the Reverend tonight.

I'll spare you the lovey-dovey "I miss you"s and "I just love you so much"es and "I miss snuggling with you, Allen"s.


After Chance finally stopped oodling over the dog (mind you, these are probably $15/minute phone calls), he updated me on what they've been up to in hot, hot Africa.

Today was their first day organizing and leading a VBS program in one of the remote villages. Chance said that the children just flocked to the missions team, because they view "white people" like celebrities.

They went through their day of VBS, but Chance said it could have run a bit smoother. The team reevaluated and came up with some different strategies tonight. He's hoping tomorrow will be better and more polished.

I know that C was also asked to bring an adult lesson to teach at some point. He brought with him an in-depth study of Psalm 23. I'm not sure if he has taught that yet, or not.

C said that they are staying in a hotel for the week. I was impressed, because I didn't realize they would be in such a "modernized" location.

Then he told me about the hotel...

It has no running water and little (or no) electricity. His bed is a mattress on top of a box of sand. Chance also mentioned that he was getting ready to crawl under his mosquito netting before going to sleep.

The team has been taking showers with a bucket of soapy water. It has been hot, but he never did complain about the heat.

He said that six rooms in the hotel for one week were costing them a total of $60.00. It must be a five star, right?

Chance's heart was full and excited about a potential orphanage being built in the area. He was excited about the prospects of a place where children can learn skills needed in the workforce, so they won't resort to a life of crime. It's very difficult to jump through all the hoops put in place by the government, so adoptions are rare. The hope is that these orphans will learn a trade, come to know Christ, and share the gospel through their future vocations.

Please continue to pray for the team, and especially their missionary hosts (Rick and Paula). I love and miss him (and yes, Allen does too) but I give God the glory for all of His work being done through the ACC team.

Money Problems

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