Yard Sale

We had this little thing on our calendar this week.  Ain't no big deal. Except that it consumed our lives for many, many days!

We had a yard sale, and many of you helped!

From dishes to suitcases, and bikes to pack-n-plays, our house became its own little resale shop!

Our garage has always been slightly fuller than your average household's (especially when there is a hot tub in it during the winter), but it's never been THIS full before!

Let me highlight some of the jewels of the sale for you:

Hot plates.  Four were donated, two were sold.  Why do y'all have so many hot plates?!

Fuzzy purple phone.  I considered putting this on the "man table" with all the tools and hunting stuff, but decided it might just get dirty.

Clothes.  I could have had my very own consignment shop.  The ladies who did take the time to look (the clothes were sorted by size) all found some SUPER cute stuff.

The iPad 0.1.  Sadly, this didn't sell.  I attempted to switch it out with The Reverend's iPad 2.0, but he caught me.

A pool full of stuffed animals.  Allen wanted to take a bath in this.  That's saying quite a bit - Allen hates baths!

We had some interesting shoppers this weekend too.  Now, I love a good yard sale, and I like to attend them regularly, but I have never shown up for a sale eight hours before it started.

We did some of our best business before 4:00 on Friday night!  It was insane.

I had planned to go to the bank Friday morning, but as soon I opened our garage doors, we were swamped with people.  Fortunately, I begged enough people to make exact change, so I didn't have to go to the bank.

We had a good laugh about a few of the shoppers - one lady argued with me for ten minutes about fifty cents.  We had a box filled with packages of colored golf tees.  These tees came in sealed packs of eight or nine.  We marked them $.50 for four packages.  This woman needed five different colors with five tees each.  She said she was going to use them for a game (maybe joker's run?).  At one point, it became my issue to try and figure out the least amount of packages she could buy.  Finally, she came to me and asked if I would take less money for the tees.  I compromised (to get this woman off our stinking property) and said I'd do $.50 for six bags.  She sighed and said, "Will you please take $.50 for eight?  Since you won't help me figure out the colors?"  WHEN did this become my problem?!

I sighed and agreed.  That's all the money she spent.  Total.

For every story like that though, there were stories of generosity and giving.

Multiple people (who we didn't even know) would give us $10.00 for $.25 items and tell us to keep the change.

One friend came and shopped - I really thought he was searching for something specific.  Finally, he came to me with a $.25 gold bookmark.  He gave me a fifty-dollar bill and told me to keep the change.

On Thursday night, Chance's cousin, Codi, drove a big trailer to our house to drop off a dishwasher and a dryer.  My grandma's nurse's friend called and spoke for the dryer on Saturday morning.  Right before she came, we put it on the dolly and moved it across the driveway.  Chance heard a little rattling in the bottom of the dryer, and thought there might be some spare change in there.  He took the back off right before the new owner came by.

Much to our amazement, there was $35.16 in COINS in the bottom of that dryer.

Considering we only asked $25 for the dryer, the new owner would have MADE MONEY on this deal!

Glad we collected it first.  What a blessing!

All-in-all, we made almost $2,000 dollars over the past two weeks.  Over $900 came in during our sale (including a few $50 bookmarks) and the other $1,100 was from very generous friends and family members.

Thank you.

Thank you.

I could write that 2,000 times and it still wouldn't be enough.

We are SO blessed!  We just recently sent a bunch of money to our adoption agency, and we are so grateful for your help in this process.

Our garage may be empty again, but our hearts are sure full.

Thank you!



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