Unconditional Love

He drives down the street wondering who will find him attractive again.  He's been unfaithful, but he's repented and changed his ways. She wonders if she looks good enough in her new outfit.  She worries about her weight, but asks God to help her not allow the number on the scale to define her.

He's overwhelmed by a mental illness and the stress that it causes him.  He wonders why his family has not deserted him yet.

She struggles with an addiction that has overtaken her life.  As she mourns her lost job, she wonders who finds value in her.

He kisses his granddaughters goodnight and wonders when their mother will realize the precious moments she is missing.

Who will love them for them, not for what they have done or what they'll become?  Who will love them for them?  Cuz nobody has shown them what love really means.

God will love them for them.  Not for what they have done or what they'll become.

He will love you for you.

He will give you the love... the love that you never knew.

Unconditional love.

I've had this conversation repeatedly this week.  So much hurt and so much pain.  So many people who have never had unconditional love demonstrated to them.

Many people believe they've found love, but in reality it's a skewed version.  It's conditional.  It's demanding and controlling.  It's unforgiving.

He will love you for you.

1 John 4:19 says, "We love each other because He first loved us."

True love is a reflection of the love that Christ has for us.  Christ.  The one who carried all our sins and died in our place.  That was the greatest example of unconditional love.

Don't you think Christ knew you were going to cheat, starve yourself, experience anxiety, get drunk, and fail as a parent?  He knew.

And He still loved.

He [has loved and] will love you for you.

Don't forget it, child.  He has loved you unconditionally.

He will love you for you.

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