Destined to be out of shape.

So, tonight my lovely husband and I decided to go on a bike ride. You know, cuz it's supposed to buildstrengthincreasemuscletoneaddstaminaeatupcalories...

blah, blah, blah.

I just like to ride and spend time with my husband.  And he knows it.  So randomly he surprises me by wanting to go.

And not complaining.

It's like an early Christmas gift.

Like, he should wrap it up with a bow.

So, anywho, we decided to ride tonight - for seriously - the first time all summer.

We aired up our tires, set off on our journey, and rode halfway across town.

And then my tire went flat.

After we had made it down and up the biggest hill in Athens (now remember, it is Athens...  the hill isn't THAT big or anything), I hear this squishing noise.  Yup.  It was my tire.  It was no longer holding my out-of-shape butt up off the asphalt.


So Chance and I took turns riding/walking the defunct bike back to our garage.

I suppose that can also buildstrengthincreasemuscletoneaddstaminaeatupcalories...

Just not exactly in the way I had planned.

Whatever will I do?

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