A Birthday Letter

Dear N., Today was your fifth birthday. Happy birthday! Your taty and I love you and we miss you. We are sorry that we could not be with you today.

Today was your last day as a four-year-old. That's a big deal, but the bigger deal is that today is your last birthday as an orphan.

You are wanted. You are loved. You have a home.

You have parents who love you and cannot wait to be with you. We are eager to bake you a cake and sing you "Happy Birthday."

As you close your eyes for bed tonight, we pray that you would make one final birthday wish; wish that God would bring us together soon.

Next year on this day, we will give you so many birthday kisses. We will eat your favorite foods and stay up late.

For this, I cannot wait.

For now though, sleep tight, little man. Dream of your future birthday celebrations with a family who will love you forever.

Love, Your mama

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