We are here!

We have arrived!  After three separate flights, multiple random meals, and umpteen trips to public airport bathrooms (ewww), we have arrived in Bulgaria!   We have much to be thankful for - Our luggage also arrived successfully, everyone is feeling pretty good (other than being very tired), none of our planes had delays, and we quickly met up with Svet - our tour guide and the adoption agency president.

We're checked into our hotel and anxiously awaiting a monumental moment - meeting N. for the first time tomorrow morning!

I have much more to say and share, but we have to get some sleep!  

One quick story - in Germany, we were riding a bus to our next flight, and a man asked us where we had flown from.  We said, "Illinois."  He (of course) asked, "Chicago?"  We explained that we lived a few hours south of there near Springfield.  He proceeded to say, "Oh, well I live here in Frankfurt, but work in a small town in IL - it's called Kewanee."  

After picking ourselves up off the floor, we pointed to my parents and said that is where they live!  Dad and this man spent the rest of the ride discussing the people they both knew.  The man works for Martin Engineering (actually headquartered in Neponset, IL.)  This whole situation made me want to start singing, "It's a small world after all..."  

That's all I've got for tonight, but we are so excited to meet N. in the morning.  Tonight as we ate supper near a park, we kept pointing at little boys and saying, "I think N. will be his size" or "I bet N. is bigger than him."  No more guessing after tomorrow morning!

Please continue praying!

How am I doing?!

Backpack for N.