Pictures and Videos of N. - Day 2

[Disclaimer:  DO NOT repost, print, download, or share these photos publicly.  Until Nasko is officially ours, these pictures cannot be made public.  Our family could get into trouble if these privileges are abused.  Please respect us and the adoption process.  Thank you for understanding.] This is where he was when we found him this morning:

Practicing "please" and tickle-time with Taty:


(Btw.... the orphanage workers called Nasko, "Nasi" on a regular basis.)

Family photo - (C and Nasko were playing with C's hat... I swear I don't let him wear it like that in public!)

Nasko shut his poor thumb in the door today and fought not to cry.  It was interesting to watch him self-sooth, since no one is there to kiss his owies on a regular basis.  I used the opportunity to kiss his thumb.  He calmed down after receiving the kiss.  Then, Chance started to pretend to shut his hand in the door.  We encouraged Nasko to kiss our hands.  At one point, he spontaneously acted out what he had just seen Taty doing.  It was hilarious!


I didn't catch his reinactment of Chance's owie on video - but I have a clip of us encouraging him to do it again:


I'm almost positive that Nasko needs glasses.  He shows signs that he is unable to see at certain ranges.  Fortunately, he looks ADORABLE in his taty's glasses!Right after this photo, Nasko popped one of C's lenses out...  "Lecko" is the word for easy, soft, and slow.  "Lecko" is quickly becoming Mama and Taty's favorite word.

Talking with (L to R) Svet, Vania (socialworker) and Ivelina (orphanage director) about religion.

My favorite photo thus far:

Ivalina LOVES Nasko.  He is her favorite of all the children at the orphanage.  Today, she complimented both Chance and I on our ability to work with a child with such severe special needs.  I think she is becoming more and more at ease with Nasko's future!  She is a blessing to Nasko (even though it may not look like it by his face in this picture)!!!

A Rainy Day

He called me Mama...