Photos and Videos of N. - Day 5

[Disclaimer:  DO NOT repost, print, download, or share these photos publicly.  Until Nasko is officially ours, these pictures cannot be made public.  Our family could get into trouble if these privileges are abused.  Please respect us and the adoption process.  Thank you for understanding.] Because he loved another child's musical toy, we bought this toy for Nasko and brought it to him today.  It was soothing to him.  We also used it to introduce the sign for "music."

(L to R) Vonya and Ivelina were encouraging Nasko to dance with the musical toy.  He finally did - and it was hilarious.  He spun it around in circles.  I don't see dance being in his future.  Soccer and running, probably.  Dance, no...

One of the other caregivers.  She allowed Nasko to play in her office for a while.  Probably a bad idea!  He thinks he runs the orphanage now!

This is the actual phone in her office.  Many things in Bulgaria are about 20-30 years behind the U.S.  At this moment, Nasko was calling China.  He's probably calling Curt and Susan, as they are currently picking up their daughter!  Hi Curt and Susan!Nasko wanted to be held, a lot, today.  His Mama needed that...

Looking through the photo albums.  Today's favorite photo:Preparing to give the children their dolls.  We weren't actually allowed to take photos of the children with their dolls.  (It depends on which person is in charge at the orphanage that day!)

The children's beds with the dolls all tucked in!

After passing out the dolls, we were told it was about time to say "goodbye."  That's when I started crying...

Today's lunch:  vegetable soup (with rice), fried fish, cucumbers, tomatoes, bread, and watermelon (for dessert)Not eating!  Lying on Mama's lap!

Goodbye time.  :(

Someday, this photo will be tender.  For now, I just bawl when I see it!  This is Chance comforting me after I handed Nasko back to the socialworker.  

This was a very hard day, but it makes me hope for the future...

Generation Gap

Few words... turned into almost 1,000.