Photos and Videos of N. - Day 4

"Helping" Tony fix the car. Playing catch, from where else?  Inside the car!

Turning on and off the lights.  Nasko says "NahNee" (Bulgarian for night-night) when he wants you to lift him up so he can turn the lights off.

Putting together the puzzle - again!

Diado was giving sled rides today.  I tried to receive a ride, but my dad would have none of it... evidently Nasko is special to him, or something!  :) 

Snack time, in the car!  Choosing between meat and an orange.

Quick family photo (what isn't quick with this boy?!) showing off the shirt that we bought for him.

Signing "please" and "thank you"


I pray that he does not figure out how to undo his car seat until he is 12...  I don't think it's legal to ride this way in the U.S.!!

He really enjoyed riding on Taty's shoulders.  (Everyday I say, "This is my new favorite photo..."  Well, here's Saturday's, I guess!)

A photo of the five of us!

My Heart

More familiar or getting quicker?