N. - Day 1 (email me if you need the password)

[Disclaimer:  DO NOT repost, print, download, or share these photos publicly.  Until Nasko is officially ours, these pictures cannot be made public.  Our family could get into trouble if these privileges are abused.  Please respect us and the adoption process.  Thank you for understanding.] Introducing Nasko!!!

Here is our little boy.  He is ornery, but we already love him.  Heck, if he weren't ornery, he wouldn't fit into our family!!!

This video shows some of his skills and abilities (or lack thereof).


He does mimick the word "Hi" for us.  He had been saying that word before we arrived.  You might notice his fingers and the way that they are curled.  They have been like that in both of the photos we received as well.  He has very low muscle tone - all over his body, really.  His fine motor skills are delayed, but I believe much of that is lack of exposure.  He hasn't been given markers or playdoh on a regular basis.  (Potentially because when he saw the socialworker's playdoh today, he automatically tried to eat it!)

He appears to be left handed, but the orphanage director has tried to "break him of that habit."  This has made him almost equally strong, but more-so equally weak, in both hands.

I also love that he flicked the camera in this video.  He is VERY coordinated when it comes to flicking and pulling.  By the end of our time with him today, he had stopped flicking Chance's iPhone and was using his index finger to swipe and pinch photos on the screen.


Mmm!  Cucumber soup. You can't see it well in this photo, but we thought it was neat that his cup has his name in Bulgarian written on it.  Doesn't take much to impress the Newinghams!




This was the moment my heart melted into a puddle.  I couldn't believe Chance captured it, but here is when Nasko grabbed my thumb and rubbed it on his cheek to show me how his caregivers used to remind him to chew. Soooooo precious.


Nasko was trying to share his food with me - this is a HUGE thing for a child who has spent his whole life in an orphanage.  Typically these kids will hoard food because of the limited supply.

These plums are what they considered to be "dessert."  He was so excited to eat them! Hallelujiah, I have a healthy eater.  WOOOHOOO!

We are finally figuring out the internet here, so hopefully we can upload more tomorrow!

[Once again I'll remind you - Please do not download, repost, or print any of these videos or media.  If you'd like to share the photos with someone, either show them on your computer or send me their email address and I will share the link and password.  Thank you for respecting our family in this way.]

He called me Mama...

Oh my goodness...