Generation Gap

Chance is diligently trying to bridge the gap. The generation gap.

Many have tried to build this bridge before, but they have failed.  Many have attempted to find common ground, but they have failed.

For some reason, the Reverend thinks he has what it takes.

A Wii remote.  Super Mario Bro III.  A twelve-year-old sister.

Chance's baby sister [who is taller than I am, and not such a baby anymore!] is visiting for the weekend, and because the two of them have the same DNA, they both thought it was too hot for a bike ride, even though I thought the weather was perfect.

Instead of riding bikes and enjoying God's creation, Chance thought Libby would benefit from being introduced to his favorite childhood video game - Super Mario Bros III.

Throughout the game, there were some major breakdowns in communication.

But then again, as I reflect on the things that were said, I can't be too surprised...

The Reverend (TR):  Eat that mushroom and it will make you really tall.

TR:  Watch out for the jumping fireball.

Libby:  Why am I a cat?  TR:  That's a raccoon costume!  Duh!

L:  How do I jump?  I have to push a button to make that happen? [ok, who's been playing Wii and Kinect for too many years?!]

TR:  Eat the bird feather.  It will make you into a raccoon that flies.  L:  How can raccoons even fly?  This isn't right...

TR:  Don't touch the skeleton turtles.

TR:  Turn around and look at the ghost - he'll stop chasing you.  Aaaagggghhh, don't touch him though!

L:  Will the ghost die if you fight him?  TR:  Of course not!  He's a ghost!  He's already dead!

TR:  Libby!  Go right! Go right!  Libby!!!  You have to know your left from right to play this game!

L:  UGH!  There's a hole there!  TR:  You couldn't tell by the awesome graphics that the dead space was a hole?!

TR:  Just get killed by a firey-ball thing.  Then it'll be my turn.  [Who's having more fun here?]

TR:  Ok, to kill this guy, jump on him, remove his wings, then press one.  Run to the left.  As soon as it make the "deeee-deeee-deee" noise, press two.  L:  This is confusing.

TR:  Fly up to the secret world.  L:  Wait, what am I doing now?  TR:  Dying, apparently.  L:  Awww, he ate me!

I guess even the Reverend cannot bridge the gap...

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