Tiffin, OH turned out to be a lovely little town with a very nice hotel.  Phew... Other than stopping at gas stations and a Taco Bell for lunch, our day has been less than exciting.

Because, I'm guessing, you'd rather not hear a minute-by-minute replay of who fell asleep when or how many jolly ranchers and gummy bears I ate, I'm going to reflect on our time in Canada —

What I learned about Toronto:

There are multiple differences between the U.S.A. and Canada.  (Even more specifically, Athens and Toronto!)

1.  When traffic tickets are issued, they are referred to as being "laid."

[true-to-life] example - While in Canada, Ginger realized her license plate sticker was expired.  Despite the fact that the customs officer looked at the plate, he wasn't observant enough, so therefore, no tickets were laid.  Thank goodness.

2.  Everyone in Canada says, "We don't have bathrooms.  We just have washrooms."

[true-to-life] example - While in Walmart, Ginger decided to use the washroom.  Bad idea, since there was no running water and no way to wash her hands.  Yuck.

3.  Canadians recycle everything (wake up, U.S.A.) If we were half as diligent about this, it'd make a huge difference.  In the city of Toronto, establishments are not legally allowed to "give away" plastic bags.  This includes the bags in Walmart or doggie bags for leftover food at restaurants.

[true-to-life] example - Chance carried an entire cart-full of items separately into Keele Street Church because he was too scotch to pay 5 cents per plastic bag.

4.  Not as many people used the phrase "eh?" as I had anticipated.  Many did use it, but more often people just ended questions with verbs.

[true-to-life] example - You're going to eat?  (This question was followed by "Again?" in reference to the times when Chance would pull into a McDonald's despite the fact that we had just eaten two hours earlier.)

5.  Many sit-down restaurants have portable credit card machines.  The waiter brings the machine to the table and has the patron slide his or her own card.  The patron is then able to type in an amount for a tip and choose whether or not a receipt is desired.

[true-to-life] example - Despite the fact that we used these credit card machines at least three times, we, dumb Americans, still couldn't figure them out!

6.  39° is not cold.  Canadians use the metric system (again, wake up, America).  Despite the fact that the highs predicted were only in the 30s, I did not need a jacket!

[true-to-life] example - I think it was Marsha who said, "It's only supposed to be 40° tomorrow!" forgetting that 40° C translates into 104° F!!

7.  Canada is not always cooler than IL.

[true-to-life] example - We happened to be there on the day when Toronto thought they might break their all-time hottest temperature record.  So glad to not have missed that...

8.  People need Jesus, no matter their cultural background.

[true-to-life] example - We met many first-generation immigrants who have worked hard for the freedoms they possess.  They have the opportunity to do whatever, follow whoever, and answer to no one, but thankfully they have found Christ.

One of the men who helped with VBS told us that he purchases the curriculum and supplies needed to put on VBS in his home country of the Philippines.  He was so blessed to be an active part of one in his new country, but it re-motivated him to continue impacting those who still live in the Philippines.

We are home from an exhausting, but great trip.  We've been blessed, humbled, motivated, and recharged.

Watch out Satan.

But for now, I'm going to snuggle with Allen for a long, long time.  I missed that stinker...  He's bound to be happy to see me, eh?

a photo of (not so) little N.

Tiffin, OH