Tiffin, OH

So, today I thought there were less pictures to share here on the blog. I honestly thought I hadn't taken very many.

See what drugs do to ya?

In my benadryl-induced coma this morning, I took over forty photos at Niagara Falls.


The benadryl seemed to help me through the night, so I took more this morning.  Bad idea.

Niagara Falls was beautiful; it was just hard to look at when all I wanted to do was close my eyes!

We bought a "package tour" so we were able to see the falls from many angles.

We walked through tunnels to be able to see the underside of the falls.

We watched an animation movie about how the falls were created.  (They didn't say this, but of course God created them!)

We also completed an interactive experience where we were snowed upon, rained upon, and blown all around.  (That was an interesting experience since I could hardly stand up without 35 mile per hour winds blowing...)

We also rode on the Maid of the Mist boat.  We rode right up to the falls on the U.S. and the Canadian sides.  It. was. wet.

Overall, the day turned out to be pleasant and fun.

Prior to going to the falls, we had stopped at our hotel to drop off the trailer and use the restrooms.  We weren't able to check in yet, but that was ok because after walking down their halls to the bathroom, we weren't sure we wanted to check in anyway.

The hotel was a Days Inn, but it was not a well-maintained Days Inn!

The carpets were filthy and the halls smelled like urine and mold.  The air conditioner didn't appear to be working in many places either.  The bathrooms were infested with bugs.

After touring the falls, we determined that this was NOT the hotel for us.

Sharon and I were voted "most intimidating" by our group.  (Never mind that Sharon is like 4'10" and I have a sick, manly voice that's forcing me to whisper!) We went into the hotel and politely told the manager that we could not sleep in the rooms if they even smelled remotely similar to the hallways.  They (of course) said, "What smell?" and gave us our keys.  Before unloading our luggage, we checked out the rooms.  Unfortunately for Days Inn, they did not pass the inspection of Ginger and Sharon.  We returned to the front desk to assure them that we would not be staying there.

After 20-ish minutes on the phone with Expedia, we received a full refund.  (At one point, Chance actually said, "Ma'am, I know you're in Asia, but I can assure you that this carpet reeks of urine and mold."  At that point, she promptly refunded the money...)

This honestly worked well for us.  We were all done touring the falls by 3:00 and we were ready to make some headway on the 12+ hour drive home.

We stopped in Erie, Pennsylvania for dinner at Golden Coral.

After eating unusual (but yummy) dishes for a week straight, we were ready for "home-cooked" American food.  Everyone especially enjoyed the strawberries and chocolate fountain.

We continued driving after dinner, but soon started to wonder about booking a hotel room for the night.  Doug and I put our smart-phones to work finding hotels along the route.

Unfortunately, there was no room in the inn.

Or at the next inn.

Or the next one...

So, eventually we found a room at a Hampton Inn.  But it happened to be in Tiffin, OH.

Google it.  You still won't know where it is!

We left cell phone range 45 minutes before arriving here at the hotel.  We're pretty sure that we're in the boonies.

We've seen four lit Christmas trees since leaving the interstate.  We may have stepped back in time as well... Six months back?

We're a little nervous...

If you don't hear from us by this time tomorrow night, please send help!


God Is Wild About Us!