A little more driving and an arrival!

Today proved to be much less eventful - and less eventful is a great thing after a day like yesterday! We ate breakfast at the hotel before heading out on the road.

While riding, we spent time visiting, reading, working on craft projects (I finished Harry's doll yesterday, so I've moved on to a blanket), and sleeping.

Around noon, we crossed the Canadian/U.S. border.  The border guard seemed to wish he had another job, but he did inform us that my marriage license was not necessary for my return to the U.S.!  As much as I am already enjoying Canada, this was really great news!

Shortly after crossing the border, we stopped for lunch at this restaurant:

Can you guess why?!  GLUTEN-FREE PIZZA!

It was so yummy.  Mostly everyone ate off of the restaurant's lunch buffet, except Sharon who ordered a Mediterranean salad.  Yesterday, she ate a Greek salad.  I'm a little concerned she's going to turn into a salad.  Please pray for her!  ;)

After lunch, it was back into the car we went.

We did not hit nearly the amount of construction or traffic as we did yesterday. This was good for our morals...

Around 4:00, we found our hotel.  After the owner attempted to talk us in to paying for room upgrades, (which we declined) he upgraded our rooms for free.  The hotel is very nice.  Clean, up-to-date and not very expensive.  (Props to Jonathan Frohn for booking it for us!)

We quickly dropped off our stuff and headed back out (ugh, in the van again...)  We found Keele Street Church, but had a little more trouble locating a place to park the van plus trailer combination.

Once we were able to enter the building, we met Grant.  He's the minister of Keele Street.  He has been working at the church for just over eleven years.

We also met Jose.  He is the minister of Maple Leaf Church.  It is the church plant that Keele Street is sponsoring.  They are a Portuguese-speaking church that is currently meeting within the building of of Keele Street's church.

Jose already fits into our group very well – he's a HUGE jokester.

While we were decorating the foyer of the church, Jose asked Chance where to hang something.  Chance didn't know, so he said, "Go ask the boss" [meaning me].  And now Jose calls me "boss"...

Gonna be a fun week!

We decorated the foyer in order to help get congregational members excited about our VBS.

It looks great!  Can't wait for church tomorrow so we can meet all the people of Keele Street and Maple Leaf.

After decorating, we headed out for a late supper.  We had a delicious dinner at a restaurant called Montanna Grill (not very Canadian, I guess...) but we were all so tired, it didn't matter what we were eating!

Now, it's time for bed!  Continue praying for us this week.  Tomorrow we're specifically praying for the community kids to be drawn to our VBS program.  Pray for many new families to be introduced to the ministries at Keele!

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