God Is Wild About Us!

Today, we didn't do as many exciting sight-seeing things. This was ok as many of us were tired and I was sickly. Actually, we all slept-in pretty late before meeting for lunch. We ate at Swiss Chalet. It was another of Grant's recommendations. This restaurant specialized in rotisserie chicken. The food was good.

Following lunch, we drove to a Harley Davidson store (not for the Reverend and I, of course. I didn't even like the scooter we used to own! What would I do on a motorcycle?!)

This is what Chance did to try and entertain himself at the Harley shop:

At one point, he was melting gummy snacks.  The heat index was 119° today.  Did I mention we were in CANADA?!

Then, we spent the rest of our afternoon in traffic and at Walmart.

Waiting for pictures to print in Walmart:

The last night of VBS was another success!

We didn't make our goal of 25 kids, but when we counted all the helpers, we had 46 people!


Chance and Jose got pie-d!


Waiting nervously...

The aftermath:

We also raised close to $300 for Maple Leaf Church.  What an amazing number, considering we had 18 children on average!

Here are a few other photos from tonight's VBS:

Sharon taught the Bible story - Jesus died on the cross and then rose on the third day in order to wash away our sins (or our "bad marks").

At the end of the night, we had a closing program for the parents to attend.  Many of the parents had been in attendance all week, but it was great for others to join us.  As soon as the children took the stage to sing the week's songs, you'd have thought they were celebrities!  All the moms and dads pulled out their cameras!


The kids did a great job!

After the closing program, the women told us we were having "snacks" and a party.

These women don't just do "snacks," I've discovered.

We had an entire meal - mostly Filipino.

There was an entire countertop just for the desserts as well!

I could not believe all the food!

The dish in the bottom left is Pancit.  Many of you have eaten my version of Pancit before.  I was unable to try this one (because of the wheat noodles), but Chance said it was relatively similar.  I was just excited to have knowledge of one of the foods served this week!

This week was amazing.

Many people relate this truth about missions trips – you go with the intention to bless but leave having received the blessing.  This is 100% true about our trip.

The above photo only contains a fraction of the people we have grown to love.  We pray that God will continue to bless them and their efforts.

My heart is full and has much more to share, but my throat feels as though it is swelling shut and the benadryl that Sharon force-fed [:)] me is kicking in...

We're heading to Niagara Falls bright and early tomorrow morning.

Good night!

Tiffin, OH

"Sheldon, you're not sick..."