First Ever Blog GIVEAWAY (and One Hundred Fifty-One)

Once upon a time, there was a woman who had a very, very crazy idea.  You may remember this idea.  It was indeed, crazy. Nevertheless, this woman worked diligently to achieve her dreams.  She also sweet-talked many of her family and friends into working for a common goal.  (She's relatively good at that...)

And from this idea, there became a goal of 150.

And from this goal of 150, there became 151.

One hundred and fifty-one.

That's how many dolls have been knit to date.

This is a photo of me carrying all 151 dolls!

Don't worry, we plan to vacuum seal them into bags before we pack them for Bulgaria.

The Reverend never did learn how to knit, so he's in charge of the vacuum sealing.  Serves him right...

It's not easy to think of a location where 151 dolls can be photographed effectively.  After weeks of mulling it over in my already over-loaded brain, I came up with the idea of using one of our family's antique bureaus on my grandmother's farm.

(Sidenote:  See the dollhouse in the background of this photo?  It's going to be mine.  My cousin, Lauren, thinks she's going to inherit it, but she's wrong.  Dead wrong.  Booyah...)

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for:


This photo contains all 151 dolls that were handmade by my family, my friends, and myself.


Impressed?  If not, you may now find the nearest exit and leave this blog.

Also, because I am, in fact, the very woman who sweet-talked her family and friends into knitting 150+ dolls, I was also able to sweet-talk my aunt and cousin's girlfriend into helping me take the following photos:



Now, mind you, the temperatures were in the mid 90s when I convinced these lovely ladies to place 151 dolls in a straight line...  ahem...


Ok, on to the First Ever Blog GIVEAWAY!!!

Because I know that you love these dolls as much as I do, and because I am glutton for punishment, and because I need something to do as we drive to Canada this weekend, I'd like to make ONE MORE DOLL...

...for you!!!

As you can see from the photos, every single one of the 151 dolls are different.  No two are alike.

And now I want to make you one.

I'm giving away a custom-made doll.

I'm asking that you enter this contest with a specific child in mind.  If you win, I'll contact you to find out the gender of the child.  I'll also want to know what color hair, skin, clothing s/he should have.  You have the opportunity to bless a child in your life, in the same way that we are blessing children in Bulgaria.

Here are the rules and the fine-print of the contest (which I'm not going to put in the fine-print font size because five minutes after this is posted, my mother will call to complain that she cannot read it...):


Step One:

To enter this contest, you must comment on this blog post (not on facebook - sorry!).  In your comment, you can leave an encouraging message, commit to praying for our time in Bulgaria, or commit to praying for the children who will receive these dolls.

Step Two:

If you are on facebook, you must share our blog link on your wall (see the following photo example.)

If you are not on facebook, please send an email to five of your friends to tell them about our giveaway and ask them to pray for our adoption.  It'd be marvelous if you'd CC me in that email!

This GIVEAWAY will end Thursday, July 14, 2011 at noon (CST).  At that time, one of the comments on this blog entry will be chosen at random.  The chosen author will then receive their very own knit doll!  (If the winner is not local, I will pay to have it shipped.)

Now, I have confidence that there will be an overwhelming number of entries (and thus prayers) because, as you remember, I am that crazy woman who sweet-talked her family and friends into knitting one hundred fifty-one dolls in the first place...

And the winner is...

F.G.A. (v. 2.0)