Country Mouse and City Mouse

Have you ever read the old children's story where the country mouse travels to the city to visit his friend? That was us today! Thank goodness Grant (the minister at Keele Street Christian Church) offered to be our tour guide. Because of his expertise, we successfully traveled by subway and cable car to our destinations today.

Grant showed us some of the local areas, including High Park. It is a very large park within Toronto containing free tennis courts, a swimming pool, and a dog-walking area.

We bought day-passes for the metro — Toronto's subway system. At least one member of our group had never ridden the subway before. We stopped only to grab an electric cable car. Grant explained that the city was currently losing money by offering this public service, but enough people use them that it cannot be done away with. Shortly afterwards, we arrived in China Town. Toronto seems to be the melting pot of Canada, so within a few blocks there is China Town, Greek Town, and a very Caribbean area called Kensington Market.

Today, we hit China Town and Kensington Market.

While in both places, we did some shopping and browsing. I bought a dress, skirt, two scarves, and some loose-leaf peach tea.

We ate lunch at a delicious (!!!) and trendy Chinese restaurant.  At some point during the meal, everyone at least attempted to use their chopsticks. I was able (for the first time in my life) to eat the entire meal with them! Within the center of the table, there was a built-in lazy susan. This proved helpful as many of us shared our entrees with one another. I ordered stir-fried shrimp with snow peas. Others ordered General Tso's chicken, beef with Chinese broccoli or orange zest, and a couple kinds of sweet and sour dishes. All-in-all, it was delicious and very filling!

We headed back toward the church around 3:00 to beat the rush hour traffic and subway crowds. Grant offered a few suggestions for things to see tomorrow, so we'll have to take a vote tonight!

We dropped Grant and half the team off at the church while the rest of us went to......


Chance had a few items he needed for his prayer shack and for the adoption organization we support. Roberta and Marsha had never been to IKEA, and were excited to see it for themselves. I, on the other hand, was tempted by the delicious smell of their cinnamon rolls. Guess what I'll be making with my gluten-free flour when I get home?!

At VBS, we had another successful night!  We had the same 18 kids as last night.

The kids are really learning lots.

Every night we spend some time reviewing what we have learned.  Tonight, when I asked a four-year-old what he learned, he responded with, "I learned that you cannot hide from God, no matter where you go."

We had studied the story of Jonah - and that little Canadian smartie-pants got it!!! :–) Jonah attempted to run away from God and His plans, but God never had Jonah out of His sight.

What a great message for these kids here in Canada.

I've forgotten how accepted Christ really is within the Bible belt.  I've forgotten that back home, praying in public is not offensive.

Canada is definitely a pagan nation that needs to remember that God is watching.  We cannot hide from God, no matter where we go.

Pray for the country.  Pray for the communities these children are living within.  Pray for revival.


Here are some photos from tonight:

(I love this look that Sharon gives!)


And finally, a video of the "big kids" playing a game in the park:


We're Royalty Here in Canada!

Soaring to New Heights!