a photo of (not so) little N.

We were sent a new picture of little N. this week. Ok, so he's not so little anymore.

Previously, we had received one photo and three videos.  Those were all from around the same time period (last summer?).  That had allowed me to pretend that N. wasn't getting older or bigger while he waited for Chance and I, his parents, to come and get him.

So, as you can imagine, this new photo (taken in March of this year) was a rude awakening.

He lost his chubby cheeks.  :–(

They shaved off his sweet hair.  :–(

On the plus side, he is still DANG cute.  :–)

What a blessing to have received a new photo!  The reality check was that I did have to grieve the lost time between photos.

What did his hair look like on his fourth birthday?

How much did he grow in height during his third year of life?

What new words did he learn to say since the first photo was taken?

Did he ever figure out how to drive that motorized car?! [One of the videos shows him attempting to operate a little-kids power wheels car.  He got it stuck in a corner and it never did show if he was able to get it unstuck!]

I guess many of these questions will be answered next week!  We leave next Monday for Bulgaria.  We will be meeting N. on Wednesday for the first time.  SOOOOO excited.

While we are in Bulgaria, we will be blogging our experiences.  We will be taking TONS of pictures too.  (As in, N. may have temporary blindness from seeing the flash too much in one week.)

We'd like to share photos of N. with all of you, but because he is not legally ours yet, we have restrictions on what can be posted.

But, the tech-savvy person that I am, I figured out how to post on this blog and require a password for any sensitive materials (pictures and videos).

Because I'm excited to try this feature out, my next post will be password protected.  It will contain the newest photo of N. that I was just telling you about!

What's the password?

Good question.

If you subscribe to this blog via email - I'll be sending you the password.  If you stalk the Newinghams via facebook - I'll be posting the password on there too.

If you read this blog but don't have facebook and don't have an email subscription, please email me (chanceginger@gmail.com)!  I'd love to tell YOU the password.  I just can't tell it to the whole world!

Ok...  Let's get cracking on this bloggy-blog experiment.

Let me know how it works.  And if you think N. could win a cutest-almost-five-year-old contest. Cuz I think he could.  Not biased at all though.


Picture of N.