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Too much life to live...

...not enough time. Today, I'm taking the time  to update the important (and not-so important) moments of our lives.

1.  Today is the day that the minister of justice is supposed to review our Bulgarian adoption documents.  Eeek.  Assuming all goes well, Madame Justice will approve us to travel in the next few weeks.  Eeek again...

2.  My grandmother has been in the hospital.  She had a large mass removed from her colon.  The biopsy results of this mass will be given to us this Friday.  In the meantime, I am enjoying the amount of family that has descended upon us.  Grandma is currently staying in a temporary-care nursing facility about 20 minutes from our house.  This makes for unexpected family-time and washing our guest sheets and bath towels almost daily...


3.  Yesterday, three of our former youth group students came to visit us.  The youngest two were in fifth grade when Chance and I first entered ministry back in 2004.  All three are now in college.  [Reality check:  C and I are getting old.]  We enjoyed having the three of them here.  The kids [who are no longer kids!!] could still quote biblical lessons and life lessons that were taught to them by Chance.  It was humbling to see how God has worked in their lives.  Beginning in 2004, C and I thought we were just living life and inviting these kids to live it with us.  God was shaping the hearts of His future leaders.


[Austin, Becca, and Brock - this'll teach ya! Next time, don't tell me that you never read my blog!!!!]

4.  I'm going gluten-free.  Heaven help me.  My doctor and I think that lactose wasn't the entire issue.  Since giving up gluten four days ago, I've lost two pounds.  You think through your daily meals and figure out what is left to eat if you can't eat any dairy or gluten.  Ugh.  Chance keeps saying, "I said 'For better or worse,' but I never said 'For dietary changes.'"  Love that man...


5.  This is the beginning of VBS week at church.  That translates into crazy evenings, no family dinners, and less sleep.  It also translates into tons of children encountering Jesus.  Gotta keep the two of those in perspective.

6.  We'll have to miss Thursday and Friday of VBS though, because Chance is performing the wedding ceremony of our chiropractor-turned-friends, Daryl and Wendy.  Think Daryl will be available to pop my back on Friday night?  After bending over and squatting with VBS kiddos all week, I might need it!

7.  In July, Chance is leading a missions trip to Toronto Canada.  While there, we will be re-creating this week's VBS.  I've already offered to pay the way of ACC's decorating crew.  I am not worthy...

8.  In the past few weeks, I've knit a penguin and a few flower barrettes.  I'm enjoying the fact that all 150 dolls have been knit!!!  [another blog post... another time...]

9.  One night this past week [days are running together], C and I had a former professor and his wife over for dinner.  They have recently taken a leap of faith and become missionaries through G.O. Ministries.  They are making long-term plans to move to the Dominican Republic in order to train the local church leaders.  Awesome.  God is breaking our heart for missions.  Praying that it continues and we don't become complacent.

10.  Chance and I have been discussing "abundance" lately.  We have so much.  Others have so little.

11. My "nephew" Joel had his cast removed.  He's still not walking or bearing weight on his left leg.  Praying for a quick recovery and proper healing for that boy.


12.  My house has been overtaken by laundry, work reports, and in-general uncleanliness and I'm trying to think of a good "number 13" to keep me from dealing with it...

13.  I've got nothing...

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