The Whole Story

It was an emotional father's day at Athens Christian Church this year. During the announcement time, Chance (my husband and the associate minister) took the stage to promote an upcoming movie release.  After his blurb and a brief video clip, one might have thought church was wrapping up.  But instead, Chance called Ken and Sarah (our senior minister and his wife) to the stage.  Chance began telling them... well... actually, I'll just let you see for yourself:


After you finish wiping your eyes, I'll tell you more.

Go on.  Get your kleenex.  You know you need to...

Last Monday, Keith contacted Chance to tell him he was approved for a 15-day leave of absence.  Chance was very excited for him, but then Keith dropped the bombshell: "Don't tell my mom and dad."

Considering Chance sees Ken at work everyday, "Uhh, thanks, Keith!!"

But as you can see from the video, the surprise was worth it in the end.

As surprises go, the pieces began to fall together after Keith was united with Ken and Sarah.  His parents had been to his duplex just the day before.  They mentioned that Keith's neighbors had been acting "squirrelly" but hadn't thought too much of it.

Also, Ken almost saw Keith at one point during the morning services.  Chance had to push Keith into a utility closet until Ken finished walking past.

All in all though, I believe we can safely say that Ken and Sarah will never be SO surprised again in this lifetime!

Welcome home, SGT Keith!

Fo' realz this time

Too much life to live...