Fo' realz this time

So, remember last week when I said, "Today is the day that the minister of justice is supposed to review our Bulgarian adoption documents."? Yeah, well, that didn't happen.

I don't actually make it a habit to lie... promise!

Our documents made it to Bulgaria and were translated, but I guess they had to go through a legalization process.  It's similar to the notarization/apostille process here in the U.S.  Bulgaria must have the process figured out better than the IL Secretary of State, because the legalization didn't take too long.

The paperwork was supposed to be reviewed at a meeting last Friday [fo' realz this time].  Tomorrow, we should find out if Madame Minister of Justice will require additional paperwork [not sure what else they could possibly ask for.  Our weekly menu plans?!  I don't think I've sent those yet...], or give us her approval to travel and visit N.

We are obviously hoping for the latter!  We are anxious and very excited about the possibility of going to Bulgaria this month.

We promise to update when we receive word (hopefully of our approval!!!)


Bring your umbrella, or maybe some sunscreen?

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