Bring your umbrella, or maybe some sunscreen?

There's an ancient story where a community gathers together during a severe drought.  They asked God to provide rain for their region.  They prayed for the heavens to open and for rain to pour from the sky.  They also prayed that their crops, and therefore their livelihood, would survive the season. At the prayer meeting where this community gathered, one specific child was in attendance.  Following the final "Amen," he looked toward the sky and opened the umbrella he brought with him.  That child possessed faith.  He realized that God hears our prayers and provides for our needs.

This spring, it has done nothing but rain in our area of the midwest.  There have been flashfloods, thunderstorms and even destructive tornados.  The violent weather has damaged many crops, and therefore the livelihood of quite a few church and community members.

Lord, we ask you to close the skies and hold the rain for a few days.

As I get ready this morning, I think I'll put on some sunscreen.


So, this wasn't my best ever...

Fo' realz this time