This Year's Flowers

This year, I have become a little more of a green-thumb.  I'm not really sure what caused it, but I'm enjoying the flowers that are coming about because of it!

Here's a picture of my landscaped area in front of the house.  Last year, we planted perennials in our "rock garden" between the front door and the garage.  I love the fact that they require no maintenance!  It has been fun to sit back and watch them bloom.  Those are my kind of plants! (Please excuse the hose in the garden.  Laziness in action.)

On the other side of our front door, I purchased a large number of clay pots to use for annuals.  These pots can easily be stored away on the years when we are too busy to plant flowers. (For example, next year?  We may have two kids by then!)  They are also easy to maintain, weed, water, etc.  Again, my kind of gardening!

I can't honestly even tell you the names of all of these specific flowers and plants, but I am learning!  My goal for the year is to keep the annuals alive as long as I can!

Also, be sure and notice our blackberry and raspberry bushes along the side of our house.  They've grown a ton over the past year.  We're hoping to get plenty of berries so I can make my famous Blackberry-Peach Pie.

And finally, there's always an unfinished project.  We removed a raised garden that was unsuccessful last year, and we are planting rosebushes in its place.

I'm praying these scraggly rosebushes survive. They may really be testing my green-thumb this year!

Thanks for joining me on this tour!

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